• Pamela Froman

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Oh, Good Grief! The Peanuts Gang has come to The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center with You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Charles Schulz's iconic and beloved comic strip comes to life in Clark Gesner's classic musical. The whole crew is on stage: Crabby and bossy Lucy is hopelessly in love with piano prodigy Schroeder who doesn't give her the time of day, perfectionist Sally is still mocking blanket-toting Linus, Snoopy is in the doghouse, and the "blockhead," himself, Charlie Brown, is in typical form. The scenes as the play progresses in the months from Valentine's Day to Beethoven Day, range from wild optimism to utter despair. After all, as Charlie Brown worries, what if the little red-haired girl is paying attention?

Playfulness is revealed in this version You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. The new script features two new songs, particularly funny dialogue, and new, catchy orchestrations. This revised version features additional music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and dialogue by Michael Mayer, and the sweet, joyful innocence of the Peanuts gang is on in full force.

Whether you're keen to fly with the Red Baron, moon over the Moonlight Sonata, or just do your best to find "Happiness," You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown is a crowd-pleasing classic.

Joshua Ziel plays Charlie Brown himself, with his dry self-deprecating humor. What a blockhead! Lucy, the ultimate queen bee, is performed by Mary Zastrow. Her blanket loving little brother Linus is played by Kevin Ellis. Quibbler Sally is acted to perfection by Emilie Schwartz and classical musician Schroeder is played by Lucas Panczel. And finally the ultimate dog – Snoopy – barks to life by the performance of Audrey Fischer!

The Saturday matinees on March 21, 28 and April 4 feature the following all youth cast. Charlie Brown is Marcello Silva, Lucy is Mia Vavasseur, Linus is Nico Ridino, Sally is Emilie Schwartz, Schroeder is Lucas Panczel, and Snoopy is Audrey Fischer.

Music in the show is charming all full of fun. We fly along with Charlie Brown with the song "The Kite," then we get sound advice from Lucy with "The Doctor Is In" and we celebrate classical music with "Beethoven Day." Sportsmanship is the name of the game with "The Baseball Game," and "Happiness" does just what it sounds like – it makes you happy!

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown is a crowd-pleasing classic. Tickets are $28 Adults, $24 Seniors & Students and $20 Children 12 & Under. You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown runs through April 5, 2020, at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, 3050 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley. For tickets and information call (805) 583-7900 or log onto


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