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The Write-Off Room

The Write-Off Room in Woodland Hills is an intimate taproom designed by musicians, for musicians. Owners Bill and Maggie Lynch wanted to create a unique experience where the tunes are essential. And that led to joining forces with Doug Babbitt and Erin Harms, owners of the adjacent bar next door – The Dirty Bull – and creating a space where the music is effortless.

Bill is a lifelong musician. He does a little bit of everything, from singing, to guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. That's why the performances at The Write-Off Room are so important to him. “The thing I like about blues music is it's open ended,” he says. “It's a great vehicle for improvisation. It's a simple form of music but the complexity and the subtleties are enormous.”

When you walk into The Write-Off Room you are greeted with a spacious and comfortable setting, with plenty of seating and a large stage for when the entertainment happens. A huge blow up of a union card belonging to Stevie Ray Vaughn decorates the walls, as does a Jimi Hendrix poster and a painting of the Charles Mingus Band – created by Bill himself.

The Write-Off Room offers a state-of-the-art sound system, with colorful lighting and amazing acoustics. The lineup is made up of some incredible talent – there is music four nights a week, karaoke and even a comedy night on Mondays.

Wednesday nights feature the spectacular Teresa James and The Rhythm Tramps.

“On Friday nights we feature the Deductions, led by singer Dillon O'Brian. They are a band made up of great studio players and they often have a lot of people sit in with them,” says Bill. “And the people that they have sit in are equally or more famous than they are, so we have these really great musicians – the band is as good as bands get.” Dean Parks, The Deductions guitarist, is one of the most recorded guitar players in the world, having worked with Steely Dan, Andrea Bocelli and even Barbra Streisand. Keyboardist Jim Cox has also lent his talent.

On Saturdays, singer Preston Smith performs. He has been quoted as a “singing, guitar and harmonica playing virtuoso of blues and jazz.” And on Sundays, The Bonedaddys take to the stage, a band who has a loyal following on the Westside and is coming to the Valley to strut their stuff!

The sound in the club is truly spectacular, with Bill having nailed down the acoustics himself along with some amazing iPad mixing technology. Bill says, “With this technology our soundman, Max Silver, can walk up to the stage, listen to the monitor and ask if that's what the band wants.” And, he adds, “I think it's the best sounding club in Los Angeles.”

Maggie says, “You can hear the music and hear yourself talk to the person that you are with. That was a big goal. Just to have the music be clear, clean but at the same time not be so invasive that you couldn't even hear somebody next to you.”

There is room for dancing as the music rocks the stage! And Bill and Maggie have more plans in place. They want to place cameras to record the stage so they can pump the music into the Dirty Bull and patrons on that side can watch the bands too!

One of the mottos of the Write-Off Room is “Not too late, not too loud.” The performances run earlier than most other establishments, from 8 p.m to 11:30 p.m. except for Sundays where they are 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. There is also an exceptional food and drink menu with simple, yet elegant bar food, 37 rotating craft beers on tap, wine and a full bar.

Bill and Maggie are patrons of the arts. They have created a beautiful room for local music lovers and musicians alike.

The Write-Off Room is located at 21791 Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills. For more information call them at (818) 610-8308 or at

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