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The Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center

The Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center (otherwise known as PACC) was established in 1968 through the efforts of Cleo La Bonte and a committee approved by city council. This year marks the PACC's 50th anniversary! The PACC offer seasons of programs and events for the stage, along with being a rental facility. There are ballrooms and classrooms, parking lots and courtyards as well as a park adjoining the facility. The space is ripe for programming!

First and foremost the PACC is a theater, the largest in the Western part of Ventura county. They can seat 1654 and have amazing acoustics. The two ballrooms can seat upwards of 500 people and 250 people respectively and there is a suite of classrooms and courtyards. The PACC is a venue for the community. The facility is rented for multiple purposes.

Ventura county is very diverse and the PACC wants to speak to that. “I'm asking what's not being offered in our county?” says PACC event coordinator Carolyn Mullin. “We are organizing a gaming tournament as part of our 50th anniversary season, so gamers can come from all walks of life. I haven't seen anything like that here before and I think it's going to be a really unique experience.”

In five decades, The PACC has entertained more than 3 million guests through thousands of performances – from outstanding Broadway musicals and prominent guest speakers, to musical acts and plays. Some of the bigger names who have graced the stage include: Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, George Lopez, Gabriel Iglesias, Los Tigres del Norte, KISS, Jenny Rivera, CATS (the broadway musical), and most recently, Kevin Hart.

You can look forward to some amazing performances this season. First and foremost is the 50th anniversary celebration, which takes place on Sept 24. Los Á​ngeles Azules, one of hottest bands from Mexico will be performing. They are known for a new musical genre, cumbia sinfónica and recently played the Cochella music festival. There will be a pre-party on the patio with tacos and tequila and a ribbon cutting with the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce city officials. The Oxnard Soroptomists will be on hand to rededicate the courtyard fountain which they created 50 years ago.

Another fun event this season is RESCUECON an animal welfare convention taking place February 23 - 24, 2019. RESCUECON allows the human-animal bond to take center stage. Though visual and performing arts, educational talks, family-friendly activities, and pet-friendly services, attendees will learn, play, explore, and, above all, refresh their relationship with other animals. Rejuvenate with bunny yoga, coffee with kitties, and other relaxing activities, meet a new furry family member, view innovative and thought-provoking art exhibitions and check out live performances!

The film festival SIGHT + SOUND is also coming this year on August 16 - 18, 2019. There will be film segments covering narrative, nonfiction, student shorts, and vids created for the web. “There's interest and a lot of people are filmmakers in this area, so we thought why don't we reintroduce this in a fun fresh way?” says Carolyn. “We decided to play upon the idea of the senses, so in between screenings we'll have musical performances with Djs and bands, we are exploring taste with curated bites with local chefs and for smell – well that's a work in progress!”

There will also be workshops including how to create movie makeup magic, video editing, and how to do a proper YouTube channel or video. As well, there will be spaces to zen out Tinseltown-style and just relax.

PACC also helps local schools with kid-approved performances. This season includes The Hero Twins - A Mayan Story, a bilingual production about one of the most important creation myths in the world on October 26, 2018 and Amber Brown is Not a Crayon, which is based off the bestselling children's book and teaches about values of patience and friendship on March 1, 2019. The cost is minimal – $3 per ticket.

For more information on PACC call (805) 486-2424 or log onto

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