• Pamela Froman

The Marvelous Wonderettes

It's Springfield High School's Senior Prom! Four would-be prom queens have hopes and dreams as big as their crinoline skirts! They are The Marvelous Wonderettes, and their voices are utterly incredible! Join them as they sing and entertain. You'll want to jump onstage and sing along.

During the first act the girls perform at their 1958 senior prom, and in the second act they come back together at their high school reunion 10 years later in 1968. Their frilly costumes and the set design are a huge reflection of the times the play celebrates and honors. And it's a ton of fun too!

The girls grow and mature with relationships and lives that change along with them. The leading ladies keep this nostalgic romp rocking with their versions of '50s and '60s jukebox classics like "Lollipop," "Dream Lover," "Lipstick on Your Collar," "It's My Party" and many more.

Kate Ponzio plays Betty Jean, a Wonderette with a not so sweet boyfriend named Jonny. Kate has played in productions including Meet Me in St. Louis, Kiss Me Kate and CATS for Cats: A Celebrity Concert. Kate gets in the song leader spirit with her stunning vocals, comedic timing and fun-filled cartwheels! Go Chipmunks!

Kelsey Boze is Cindy Lou, the prettiest girl at Springfield High, but not always the kindest. She and Betty Jean butt heads throughout the production, until time and maturity brings them back together as the way best friends should be! Kelsey shines in pink taffeta, as she reprises this role which she originally played at the Sierra Madre Playhouse this past summer.

Amanda Walter is Missy, a glasses-wearing gal who is in love with Mr. Lee, her teacher! Where does Mr. Lee come in? The girls pull up an unsuspecting audience member to play the part! Missy sings to her unrequited love, but she gets her wish fulfilled 10 years later at the class reunion, when Bill (Mr. Lee) proposes! Amanda has played in productions like Nunsense, Shrek and Into the Woods.

Renee Cohen is Suzy, a blond, gum popping prom queen who is totally in love with her boyfriend Ritchie. This blue-clad gal sings her heart out, and reminds us that nothing is perfect, even when it should be! Renee has last appeared in Roar, High Fidelity, Nosferatu and Nunsense.

The Crown City Theatre Company is a unique, intimate space in the heart of North Hollywood where the audience is totally engaged with the performance. This show is a ton of fun, and filled with classic tunes that the audience can rock along with. You even get a ballot to vote for your favorite prom queen! Who will win the coveted crown? Keep watching and you'll find out!

The Marvelous Wonderettes runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm until Sunday, January 7th, 2018. Crown City Theatre Company is located at 11031 Camarillo Street in North Hollywood. All tickets are $25 and can be purchased at by calling (818) 605-5685 at

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