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The Long Run

“Hotel California.” It's an iconic song from an iconic band. The Eagles, whose founding member Glenn Frey passed in January of this year, have a slew of fans. But none is more of a tribute to this amazing musical group than an actual tribute band.

That's why The Long Run - Experience The Eagles was formed. Since their debut in2000 THE LONG RUN - Experience The Eagles has earned its place among the top-drawing tribute acts in North America and is widely regarded as the finest Eagles tribute show working today. Hand picked to perform the music of The Eagles by Mark Cuban's & Ryan Seacrest's network AXS-TV, their 90 minute live concert for the hit TV series"The World's Greatest Tribute Bands" was broadcast to millions of viewers in five countries. The show received the highest ratings in the series' history resulting in an un-precedented invitation to return for an encore concert.

Marked by lush vocal harmonies and exceptional musical accuracy, every The Long Run performance delivers a reverence for the beloved, Eagles recordings blended with The Long Run's own infectious personality.

The Long Run plays an enormous catalog of Eagles classics, plus selected hitsa from the solo careers of members of the Eagles. They have an extensive acopustic set as wella s a variety of classic rock hits from the last 40 years.

Gary Grantham is a founding member of the band along with members Jim Wootten, BertoZ, Chris Sobkiwich, Bill Worrell, and Kenny Cetera.”We have a love of vocal harmony,” Gary says.s. The Eagles have written a rich catalog of music and there is so much satisfaction from Lying Eyes and Desperado to Life in the Fast Lane, all those songs connect with the audience and I look forward to performing every one.”

The Long Run will be playing at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza on February 20, and they are personally dedicating this performance to the late, great Glenn Frey. “We owe him a great debt,” says Gary. “It really is because of his life's work that we get to do this at all.”

The audience speaks up on the quality of the shows. “We caught The Long Run's show...last night. These guys nail it, every lick n' harmony. Henley look-alike, sound alike. Awesome!” says one member.

“We saw your wonderful show,” says another audience member. “What a wonderful night of entertainment. We have seen other tribute groups but yours is absolutely the best.”

The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza is located at 2100 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks. Call for tickets at (805) 449-2787

Visit for more information.

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