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The Fall Of Lady M

The Fall of Lady M is a unique take on Shakespeare's classic as reimagined through the eyes of Lady Macbeth's two chambermaids. The Fall Of Lady M examines on Lady Macbeth's lust for power, manipulation, rise to position, dissent into madness, and her ultimate death. This play is truly female-centric as is relies on all female characters. There are also unique twists on Ladies Macbeth, MacDuff and, of course, the three witches. The Fall Of Lady M is a new examination of murder, betrayal, defiance and taking hold of the future, set inside that of the story of power, greed and the edge of fantasy. 

The Fall Of Lady M was written by local playwright and actor Michael Perlmutter. It's characters, despite being set in a time period far from ours, still make this reimagination as current as today’s headlines. They tell the story of political undoing, through the actions of the disenfranchised, the outcasts and the working class. It is our own story in re-envisioning how each of us may strive to better the world; not in pursuit of our own gain but in that self-same act of moral self-sacrifice, finding our own private destiny and changing history. 

The cast includes Vivien Latham as Lady Macbeth. Vivian is a classically-trained stage/film actress. She brings the complex role of Lady Macbeth to life. The chambermaids are played by Angela DeCicco as Agnes, and Christine Sposato as Vanessa. As we see this play through their eyes we understand the complexity of the story the play tells. The chambermaids gain access to Lady Macbeth's true nature, and through them we understand her downward spiral.

Chris Adams, Theresa Secor, and Leslie Ann Vitanza are The Witches, and they provide plenty of comic relief. Kimberly Rogers is Lady MacDuff and her dramatic turn is well-worth seeing. Lady Macbeth betrays LadyMacDuff and that betrayal leads to complicated politics.

The Santa Paula Theater Center will present The Fall Of Lady M. Tickets are $15.

WHAT: The Fall Of Lady M  - a play by Michael Perlmutter

WHERE: Santa Paula Theater Center's Backstage@SPTC venue,125 So. 7th St. (corner of 7th and Main St.), in Santa Paula.

WHEN: Runs through August 18.

PARKING: Free parking is available on Main and 7th St. around the theater. TICKETS: Call (805) 525-4645, Email SPTCbox@gmail.comor log onto

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