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Super Bowl LIII

Go team! Can you believe it? The Super Bowl is here and having only been based in Los Angeles since 2016, The Rams are facing off against New England Patriots. This is the first time our hometown team has competed as the “Los Angeles Rams” in the Super Bowl since 1980.

Both the Patriots and the Rams won their conference championship in overtime nail biters on Jan. 20. The Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 37 - 31; and the Rams beat the New Orleans Saints, 26 - 23.

Here's everything you need to know ahead about the big game.

When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIII is on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET but there will likely be pregame coverage on CBS.

Where is it?

The teams will compete for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where roughly 75,000 fans are expected to gather to watch. In addition approximately 103.4 million viewers will watch the game on television.

How much are tickets?

The average Super Bowl ticket is between $2,500 and $3,000. (Good thing we have big screen TVs!)

Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi will play the Super Bowl halftime show! Maroon 5 signed on as the headliner as of September, and Scott emerged last month as a reported addition. Big Boi, the newest name on the bill, is a member of the Atlanta rap group Outkast.

Maroon 5 is led by singer Adam Levine, who moonlights as a coach on NBC’s reality singing competition “The Voice,” and made the Billboard Hot 100 with “Girls Like Us,” featuring the rapper Cardi B. Since 2002, the Los Angeles band has released six albums, each of which has gone platinum, including “Red Pill Blues” last year. The group’s best known singles include “She Will Be Loved,” “This Love,” “Payphone,” “Moves Like Jagger” and “Don’t Wanna Know,” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Scott and the N.F.L. will partner on a $500,000 donation to the social justice group Dream Corps — a move that seemed to be aimed at stemming a backlash from groups that have criticized the football league’s policies.

How to Throw the Perfect Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is the perfect way to get your football-loving family and friends together, where you can watch the game on your big screen TV, drink beer or cocktails and gorge yourself on snacks. It's the best excuse to have fun. Here's how to throw an awesome Super Bowl party!

Invite everyone – your family and friends, even your colleagues! The more, the merrier, as long as everyone can see the tv! Estimate how many people will end up at the party and if seating is going to be an issue, add in smaller TVs in spaces like the kitchen or outside patio, or even ask your neighbors to loan you a big screen for different spots.

Set up the house. Lay out tables and chairs, and bust out the barbecue. Bear in mind where people will be standing so that you won't have them blocking the view. Put up massive decorations! Our home team is playing this year so decorate the front door, the mailbox, the living room and even consider dressing up in team colors. Everything from AstroTurf coasters to helmet drink stirrers are fair game. If you're going to have guests who are rooting for New England (boo!), draw a line with masking tape down the center of the room. Decorate each side in each team's colors.

Food should include chips and dip, hamburgers and hot dogs, chicken wings or even order in food like tacos, pizza or super-long deli sandwiches. Make your desserts football themed, like cookies shaped like helmets or footballs.

Football wouldn’t be the great American sport without the great American beverage. Beer! Serve up local beers from the cities of both teams in the big game.

Choose a signature cocktail for each team. Mix up a pitcher of each drink with a splash of food coloring to match each team’s jerseys. When one side scores a touchdown, everybody gets a shot of the opposing team’s drink. 

Get into the game! Keep the competition going with a game of team and city trivia. Prepare a few questions about each team ahead of time and quiz your guests during commercial breaks or time-outs. Make bets to see who thinks which team is going to win and by how much. Add side bets on point spreads and the amount of yards the MVP ran. Award silly prizes, like a big football piñata.

Throw a competition to see who has the most team spirit. Have face painting supplies, colorful streamers and spray on hair dye. Challenge your friends to be the biggest superfan and show off team spirit.

Go team!

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