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Summer Cocktails and Food Trends

Summertime is the perfect season to sample new food and drink. Summer is all about spending time with friends and family outside, and, of course, fixing delicious cocktails. To help you enjoy the season, here are some of our favorite drink recipes and entertaining tips. Enjoy!

Bars and restaurants across the country are ready for the season with refreshing libations, tiki mugs, many margaritas, carafes of sangria, pitchers of punch and every spin on the spritz. Summer calls for cool, refreshing drinks that inspire vacation, relaxation, and, most importantly, fun. That is why we are here to tell you about the best slushy cocktails at the trendiest LA bars and restaurants. Could there be a better match than slushies and your favorite libations? We think not. From slushies that make us daydream about our childhoods to those that transport us to foreign beaches, these adult slushies are ideal for a fun weekend in LA.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s 1611 N El Centro Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 323.962.3804 |

The ambiance of Davey Wayne’s takes us back in time to the 1970’s. Their spiked snow cones, however, give us nostalgia for childhood summer afternoons exploring carnivals and fairs. This 1970’s inspired speakeasy bar is a hidden gem. With its unique crafted cocktails that can be sipped on while lounging in hammocks and grooving to vinyl records, Davey Wayne’s is a time warp to a summer getaway of years passed. Try the snow cone with bourbon and blackberry syrup, and we’ll guarantee you’ll be back for round two.

Pink Taco 8225 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 323.380.7474 |

Margaritas are common in Mexican restaurants. Pink Taco’s frozen margaritas, however surely stand out due to the hollowed out pineapple used as the vehicle for this slushy beverage. Their Strawberry Margarita served in a pineapple will make you feel like you’re South of the border, lounging on an exotic beach in a land far away!

Preux & Proper 840 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014 213.896.0090 |

Preux & Proper offers the best of Bourbon Street in downtown LA! This spot stands out with its six frozen daiquiris to accompany its southern inspired cuisine. For $10, you can get an amazing slushy with flavors that include: Piña Colada, Strawberry Margarita, Mint Julep, Rocket Fuel, Call a Cab, and Irish Coffee. Be sure to sip on your daiquiri while listening to the bluesy gospel sounds of Brother Sal every Tuesday night—rhythm and booze are waiting for you!

Honeycut 819 S. Flower St. Los Angeles, CA 90017 213.688.0888 |

When you need a break from the dance floor, Honeycut offers the perfect cocktails to cool you down. With so many icy concoctions to choose from, it won’t be hard to find the one you crave. If you and your friends are in the mood for a slushy piña colada, be sure to give their pitchers a try! The Church Key 8730 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 424.249.3700 | This West Hollywood restaurant offers unique frozen cocktails that serve as the ultimate throwback for 90’s kids. Happy hour takes on a new meaning with their $6 Odder Pops that are just like the Odder Pops from our childhood days, but with an added adult twist! These fun pops are made in front of your eyes as a drink cart with liquid nitrogen sits by your table. If you’re a mango fan, be sure to try the Mango Daiquiri Odder Pop!

Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel 929 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90015 213.623.3233 |

What’s better than poolside drinks with a view of LA on a warm summer night? Not much (at least we don’t think so). Upstairs at the Ace Hotel is open to everyone and offers a seasonally changing frozen drink that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. This urban rooftop bar combined with a fun tropical alcoholic beverage is the best of both worlds. If you’re able to make your way there soon, then you can enjoy their taste of summer with the banana hammock frozen drink with hints of pineapple, coconut, and lime. This spicy banana colada is crave- worthy!

Frozen Wine and Drinks

In West Hollywood, Calif., E.P. & L.P. serves the frozen Fresh Spritz of Bel Air with Rosé Prosecco, Aperol, cold pressed watermelon and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

In Beverly Hills, Calif., The FLATS combines sparkling rosé and ice in its rosé slushee, Goodbye, Norma Jean.

In Los Angeles, Nick + Stef’s Steakhouse serves a Strawberry Gin Fizz with gin, lemon, St Germain, strawberry and Champagne.

In Santa Monica, Calif., Esters serves an Aperol Spritz with Aperol, Prosecco, soda water and an orange wheel.

In Santa Monica, Calif., Tallula’s offers The Canyon made with Selvarey Rum, Plantation O.F.T.D Rum, fresh lemon, pineapple, house-made turmeric syrup and Angostura bitters.

In Los Angeles, Baltaire makes the Vida Y Muerte with mezcal, sloe gin, lime and orange bitters.

Summer Drinks

While summer has officially only just started, for several weeks I’ve already been enjoying one of its sweetest rewards: cherries. These deliciously ripe fruits are tasty on their own, but they can also be incorporated into a range of refreshing cocktails. Among my favorite ways to use them is in the thirst-quenching Cherry Caipirinha (cachaça, cherries, lime and velvet falernum). And if you simply swap in light rum for the cachaça, you can make a Cherry Caipirissima.

Cherries are also, of course, an essential garnish for classics like the Manhattan and the Rob Roy. During the cold months, our only option is jarred cherries like those from Luxardo or Sable & Rosenfeld. (The bright-red dyed cherries sold by the gallon have no place in a well-made drink.) But in this age of craft bartending and artisanal ingredients, you can also easily make your own cocktail cherries. I like the simple recipe for Bourbon Cherries from David Page and Barbara Shinn’s Recipes from Home. The hardest part is waiting for them to cure, but you’ll have a sweet taste of summer all winter long.

Thanks to a few new brave bars and a resurgence of interest in tiki cocktails, the blender might just get a second chance. And it’s time for bartenders to once again embrace this forgotten bar tool and create cocktails that even the haughtiest of gourmets will appreciate. “Classic blended drinks can be serious drinks,” says Giuseppe Gonzalez, who recently opened Painkiller on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with his best friend Richie Boccato. “We want to serve good drinks in a fun way and in a fun atmosphere.” Summer Sangria with Watermelon and Pineapple – Use fresh fruit to make this delicious twist on

Tiki Bars

Tiki was created in Southern California by a self-made man named Don who lied his way onto movie sets and made friends with famous people so that they'd come to his rum bar in the middle of Hollywood. Though that bar, Don the Beachcomber, is long gone, tiki has persevered in California, and is currently thriving here, as appreciation for tropical decor and creatively made cocktails converge once again. Here are the best bars in SoCal that are taking rum and running with it.

Tonga Hut

Though it's been open since 1958, Tonga Hut has not always been a tiki bar specifically. I'm so glad the owners finally settled on tiki, clearly the North Hollywood dive's true purpose, years ago. The extremely dark bar (your eyes will need a minute to adjust) serves the most classic tiki cocktails in town, all made with love and thoughtfulness, as well as a bartender's menu of new creations. There's a separate 78-drink menu called the Grog Log — if you can finish the whole thing in one year, you'll be inducted into the Loyal Order of the Drooling Bastard. 12808 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood. (818) 769-0708,

Tiki-No 4657 Lankershim Blvd. San Fernando Valley, CA 91602 (818) 766-0116

After the curtain of darkness falls in LA, that’s when this site’s exterior looks its best. Its corner location is lighted brilliantly by the flames of tiki torches. The “No” in the venue’s name refers to its location in North Hollywood, as in the area’s nickname, NoHo. Once inside, guests are greeted by the cultural significance of bamboo. The interior is adorned with upholstered booths and a bar that features over-sized tiki carvings. Those who visit this popular neighborhood bar do so primarily for the stiff, rum-based tropical drinks. The menu offers an abridged selection of classic cocktails and specialty beverages. Tiki-No is also themed with a thatched roof to help make celebrants feel like they are in the tropics. Between 4 and 7 p.m. daily, the tab for select alcoholic beverages is reduced to $5 per serving. Coconut and pineapple lovers may want to sample the Blue Hawaiian, a rum-splashed pleasure.

Duke’s Malibu 21150 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265 (310) 317-0777

A trip to Los Angeles certainly would not be complete without a visit to the area’s most celebrated and romantic tiki bar and restaurant. Located at the water’s edge of the picturesque Pacific Ocean, Duke’s Malibu honors the late Duke Kahanamoku, a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming and the Hawaiian credited with spreading the sport of surfing. As resounding waves pound the rocky levee, guests are greeted with a gentle “Aloha,” an expression of affection, peace and compassion. While enjoying an impressive selection of authentic tiki cocktails and sampling an array of indigenous food items at the Barefoot Bar, visitors can absorb commanding views of the “Queen’s Necklace,” a strand that includes Point Dume, Palos Verdes, the Channel Islands and Santa Catalina Island. It is an experience that could be one of the more memorable series of tiki moments perhaps in a lifetime for families and couples. Remember to glance at the shoreline from time to time. You just might see a pod of dolphins swimming by to bid “Aloha” until you meet again.

Test Pilot

Imagine if tiki received an inheritance and signed up on Pinterest. This is a more restrained version of tiki, with bartenders in white linen shirts mixing drinks in a room with decor accents of gold and whitewashed brick. The menu features mezcal as much as rum, and there's a patio, which goes against tiki's whole hideaway ethos, but hey, this is California. Our only tradition is making up traditions and then breaking them. 211 Helena Ave., Santa Barbara. (805) 845-2518,

More spots for Summer cocktails

Tallula's It’s all bright colors and cheery vibes at Tallula’s, the newest from the Rustic Canyon family of restaurants by Zoe Nathan, Josh Loeb, and chef-partner Jeremy Fox. Belly up to the festive bar to sip beachy libations that feel just right in the PCH-adjacent space. Don’t skip the Westsider, a blend of tequila, elderflower liqueur, lime, mint, cucumber, and jalapeno.

Woodley Proper It’s no surprise that Woodley Proper, a collaboration between cocktail maven Devon Espinosa and Scratch Bar duo Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas-Lee, has quickly become the Valley’s best new drinking den. Espinosa has put together a menu of everything from molecular gastronomy-utilizing amuse bouches to classic cocktails that can be enjoyed alongside anything-but-ordinary bar snacks.

SOCA This swanky Valley restaurant comes from the team behind Boneyard Bistro, with an international approach to flavors. The cocktails veer heavily toward gin, which is a good thing if you love tonic. The happy hour itself has six different kinds of gin and tonic, featuring everything from Malfy gin with Fever Tree Indian tonic and shiso leaf to Mahon gin with tonic, grapefruit, and celery leaf.

Trends in cocktails

Locals Only “More and more often, I have guests who sit down and immediately ask what I might have in the way of a local spirit or beer,” says Anne Robinson, head bartender at Westlight, the new, always-busy rooftop bar in Williamsburg’s William Vale hotel. “People are getting more adventurous and are curious to learn about these new producers that are popping up not just in New York, but across the country, so I think that instead of having their say, rum and coke with an old standby, 2017 will see people giving that new liquor that was distilled a few subway stops away a chance.”

Rum, the New Tequila? “2016 was all about tequila for me,” says Robinson. I have a feeling 2017 will end up being massively about rum. Maybe that’s because I’m headed to Martinique for a bit very soon, and imagine touring those distilleries and drinking my weight in Ti Punches will influence my passion for sugar cane pretty heavily. Rum just makes me think of sunshine and good vibes, which I think we’ll need a lot of in 2017.”

A Return to Fine Dining “Drink trends for 2017 — and the industry as a whole — will be about putting the emphasis back on the guest experience and returning to the era of fine dining. Attention to detail — serviceware, glassware, ice programs — and making as much as possible in-house, or incorporating local producers of spirits and ingredients will be important,” says Frankie Solarik, co-owner of Toronto’s BarChef, a dimly lit haunt in the city’s ultra-hip Queen West stretch. “With guests having increased access to information through the Internet, I feel people working in the industry are appreciating this and really starting to consider themselves professionals and taking great pride in providing the guest an exceptional experience.”

Less Juice, More Spirits “In the past, there has been a big influence in the industry with speakeasies and library style designs,” says Solarik. “I feel we’re going to be getting away from this and moving towards a more contemporary and progressive approach – not only with design, but also with cocktail programs and glassware. As a whole, guests are becoming more adventurous with their palates and moving towards more spirit-forward options on cocktail menus. Darker spirits like rum, bourbon, etc., will increase, moving into more adventurous flavors like Islay scotch and mezcals.”

Getting High “Whiskey and soda, whiskey and ginger, gin and tonic, rum and coke. They are all simple spirit-mixer combinations, and yet, so very popular,” says Chicago-based bartender Julia Momose, who made Food & Wine’s short but sweet ‘Best New Mixologists of 2016’ list. “More and more bartenders are taking highball and diving into the two-ingredient combination to a deeper level by switching up the ingredients, and paying more attention to the method of building this beautiful drink.”

Aquavit, the New Gin? “As juniper is to gin, so is caraway to aquavit,” says Momose. “From there, the possible flavor combinations are practically endless, providing bartenders with a flavorful ingredient that can revive classics and become the base of modern classics itself. Gin had its time and its rise over a few years, now it’s time for aquavit. I’ve had a love affair with aquavit for a few years now, and I’m excited to see it highlighted in more bars and recipes in 2017.”

Heritage & Tradition “We continue to champion grower-producer brandy for its deep agricultural roots as well as its heritage of production that has been passed down from one generation to the next,” says San Francisco-based veteran bartender, Craig Lane, who doles out drinks at contemporary hotspot, Bar Agricole. “More and more, such spirits are often undervalued or overlooked because they aren’t flashy or new, and, in an industry that is so often dominated by carefully manicured perceptions of luxury, status, and branding, these traditional spirits can have a difficult time gaining respect outside of their limited regions of production. Without hesitation though, I would easily rank Adrien Camut Calvados from Normandy, Domaine Boingneres, or Chateau de Ravignan Armagnac from Gascogne, and a small but important group of Cognac makers like Dudognon as being some of the finest spirits in the world simply because that’s what they do, and not because they’re trying to meet some sort of market demand.”

Wine bars and breweries for summer

AUGUSTINE WINE BAR It's like Bar Covell in Los Feliz grew up, had kids, and moved to The Valley—and that's not a bad thing. Owned by the same Covell team, Augustine has a quieter, cozier feel and a penchant for securing some of the best wine around. Its list is paired with a small menu of food, ranging from snacks like spiced nuts and tater tots to more complex items such as beef cheek crostini and braised octopus. The shoebox space offers a handful of bar seats and intimate two person booths, along with some larger spaces for small groups, including a sidewalk patio. A great place to consider for a date and catching up with friends. —Zach Behrens Augustine is located at 13456 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, (818) 990-0938.

THE FISCAL AGENT Nestled above Barrel & Ashes is one of L.A.'s best new cocktail bars, which offers a super creative drink line-up in a classy and intimate hideaway. The Fiscal Agent is cocktail wizard Julian Cox's first standalone spot, which he unveiled in October of 2015 before heading to Chicago and leaving behind an indelible impression on numerous L.A. bars. He also recruited a team of other cocktail pros to craft clever, vintage-inspired concoctions in cool glassware. The cocktail list is known to rotate with new experiments, but think unexpected gems like Flight of the Concords, a frothy blend of Plymouth gin, violet, Concord grapes and anise hyssop, or An Officer and a Gentian made with scotch, Saler's Gentian, Meyer lemon and lemongrass air. The standard list of drinks range from $12 to $18, though you'll definitely want to inquire about the secret menu, which will open up the possibilities for the night. You'll also find plenty of tasty bites to tide you over, including charcuterie and cheese to Peruvian scallops and duck breast with pistachio gremolata. Reservations are strongly encouraged as the small space fills up quickly. —Danny Jensen The Fiscal Agent is located at 11801 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, (818) 623-8088.

THE ONE UP The One Up is an arcade bar that offers free games to paying customers. Each console is a classic arcade set-up, programmed with hundreds of classic and unique games. When it comes to food, however, the One Up serves twists on comfort food, including goat cheese tots, pork belly pepper jack mac & cheese, Southern fried chicken bahn mi sliders, Cap'n Crunch wings and house-made Twinkies. They also do brunch. If you're thirsty, they've got a full bar with craft beer and hand-made cocktails. —Juliet Bennett Rylah The One Up is located at 13625 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, (818) 849-5181.

Draughts Restaurant Thousand Oaks Phone: (805) 777-7883 398 North Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

At Draughts Restaurant & Bar our commitment is to show you that this is truly “where great food meets great draught beer.” A well known neighborhood favorite hangout for adults, college students, and families Draughts has been established in the Conejo Valley in the heart of Thousand Oaks for over 10 years. At Draughts we also offer our sport fans the greatest sporting experience. With over 19 HDTVs, every seat in the house is better than being at the game itself! Our friendly staff and our comfortable environment welcomes you to Draughts Restaurant & Bar.

Wades Wines Westlake Village PHONE: (805) 597-9463 30961 AGOURA RD., WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91361

Wades Wines boasts an incredibly robust selection of high quality, limited production wines from around the world. Not only do they have some of the best prices for these wines, Wades Wines also offers wine tastings on Thursdays and Fridays from 4:30-9m as well as on Saturdays from 2-9pm and Sundays. Wades Wines also features special wine tastings with the winemakers themselves. For those looking for other options, there is also an array of spirits and over 1,000 different beers.

Harvest Kitchen & Bar Westlake Village PHONE: (805) 557-4710 880 S. WESTLAKE BLVD. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA 91361

Serving our guests and community of Westlake Village for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with bar fare menu items built around farm fresh, seasonal, and locally grown produce, grains, local meat, and dairy products for a farm fresh dining experience that is good for guests, the community, and the planet. The Harvest concept of “Farm Fresh to the Table” allows us the opportunity to utilize local vendors while incorporating the freshest ingredients in season, enabling Hyatt Westlake Plaza to bring components of Hyatt’s ‘Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served.’ philosophy from the farm right to your plate. Menus change seasonally. We also offer gluten-free and vegan options.

Giessinger Winery Westlake Village PHONE: (805) 405-55557 Liquid Lounge Agoura Hills PHONE: (818) 707-1220 30100 AGOURA ROAD, AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA 91301 Giessinger Winery brings the art of French winemaking to the beautiful California countryside. Try the Cabernet France – a winemaker favorite – and Malbec, as well as the wild yeast-fermented Petite Sirah, Grenache, or Carignan produced from 60-year old dry farming vines in Monterey. It is their goal to create an atmosphere of hospitality and physical beauty for each guest, in order to make the wine tasting experience one of friendship and laughter! The tasting room is open daily from 2 – 7pm.

Ladyface Ale Companie: Alehouse & Brasserie Agoura Hills 29281 AGOURA ROAD, AGOURA HILLS, CA 91301 PHONE: (818) 477-4566 Alma Sol Winery Thousand Oaks PHONE: (818) 231-2749 1321 E. THOUSAND OAKS BLVD. #108, THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91362

A warm, casual European-style brewpub, Ladyface Alehouse features award-winning, handcrafted ales, including innovative, globally inspired seasonal and barrel-aged releases.

Tavern 101 Agoura HIlls PHONE: (818) 991-7227 28434 ROADSIDE DRIVE, AGOURA HILLS, CA 91301

Right off the 101 in Agoura Hills, CA. Tavern 101 serves up delicious American food with a gourmet twist in a warm, modern setting. Full bar and a wide selection of beers on tap. Culinary casual meets high energy at Tavern 101, just off the hotel lobby and accessible from President Street. Our uniquely designed full-service restaurant and bar continues the site’s former brewery and pub reputation as a fun and favored gathering place for visitors and locals. The menu at Tavern 101 ranges from juicy burgers and spicy wings to Maryland crab soup, and crab cakes. Tavern 101 room service is available for our hotel guests. Tavern 101 has DAILY HAPPY HOURS.

San Vicente Cellars Westlake Village PHONE: (805) 379-3554 741 LAKEFIELD ROAD, SUITE A, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91361

San Vicente Cellars is a small, family-owned artisanal winery dedicated to producing the highest quality wines. All grapes are sourced from vineyards that are known for meticulous hand-farming techniques and the use of sustainable agriculture. These vineyards are located in cooler climates of Santa Ynez and Los Alamos Valleys in Santa Barbara County and the west side of Paso Robles, on the Central Coast of California. the tasting room is open Wednesday – Sunday.

Sunland Vintage Winery Thousand Oaks 1321 E. THOUSAND OAKS BLVD. #108, THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91362 PHONE: (805) 379-2250

The Sunland Vintage Winery tasting room is designed to give visitors a unique wine tasting experience, where they encourage interactive participation allowing visitors to become part of the tradition. Here you can taste the “Giovinazzo” Wines – a taste of old Italy, and “SVI” Brand – premium wines for the discriminating wine palate. The tasting room is open Thursday – Sunday.

Public School 805 Thousand Oaks PHONE: (805) 379-3909 120 N PROMENADE WAY THOUSAND OAKS CA, 91362

Whether you were the prom queen or the captain of the debate team in school – today everyone can agree nothing tops good food, beer and friends. Public School 805, features craft beef and a chef-driven menu by Thousand Oaks native, Executive Chef Phil Kastel. The 126-seat restaurant, located at the Promenade at Westlake, focuses on providing guests with “An Education in the Art of Food and Beer.” Kastel developed the seasonal lunch and dinner menus using fresh, local ingredients. Featured menu items include: Jidori Brick Chicken and White Bean Ragu, Irish Stout Short Rib, Colorado Lamb Burger and Tuscan Chop Salad. The menu will also include a selection of hand crafted flatbread pizzas cooked on the hearth of our wood-fired oven.

Treehouse Tavern & Grill Agoura Hills 29008 AGOURA RD, AGOURA HILLS, CA 91301 818.865.3700

The Treehouse Tavern is set to bring new life to the old town of Agoura Hills while maintaining the highest quality food andservice along with a wide selection of local wines and craft beers. This classic Americana themed Tavern/Grill will provide a refreshing new stop along your scenic travels through the canyons of Malibu. Treehouse Tavern looks to bring back the beauty of one of Agoura’s most historic locations built over 70 years ago.

Twisted Oak Tavern Agoura Hills 30105 AGOURA ROAD, AGOURA HILLS, CA 91301 (818) 735-0091

Beer. Food. Music. It is based on these fundamental ingredients – the trifecta of entertainment – that The LAB Brewing Co. was born. We take them all — our beer, our food, and our music– equally seriously. And we take great effort to combine them all to create a haven for all who share our appreciation for drinking, eating and being merry. As mentioned above, we also take being merry very seriously. And while that’s true daily, we add live music to the bill 3-4 times per week. Check out our website calendar or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest entertainment updates. Aldabella Custom Crush Winery & Storage Westlake Village PHONE: (818) 991-9463 31111 VIA COLINAS, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91362

Aldabella Custom Crush Winery and Storage is a full-service winery in the Conejo Valley. The beautiful Tuscan themed tasting room boasts a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in which you can relax with friends or family while sipping wine from local growers. Boasting a primary tasting room with many seating vignettes to enjoy, there is also a Private Tasting Room for smaller gatherings. The tasting room is open to the public every weekend (Fri-Sun). Aldabella’s tasting menu consists of 3 white and 2 red wine options for tasting, by the glass, or by the bottle. They also offer a selection of gourmet, catered menu items like cheese plates, grilled cheese and personal pizzas on Friday and Saturday evenings. There is live entertainment every Saturday from 6:00-10:00pm, and live Jazz every 1st and 3rd Friday.

Five Threads Brewing Company Westlake Village 31133 VIA COLINAS #109, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91362 PHONE: (805) 457-5990

Five Threads Brewing Company defines “threads” to mean the blending or bringing together of “good things” to create “great things” such as the ingredients of their beer, the members of their team, or the members of their community coming together to share a pint! Their 50 seat tasting room consists of bar seating, tall tables, long bench seating and even a park bench … all crafted from reclaimed wood. They offer FREE wifi, lots of games – including Giant JENGA – beer magazines and knowledgeable staff to ensure a good time.

Draughts Restaurant Thousand Oaks PHONE: (805) 777-7883 398 NORTH MOORPARK ROAD THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91360

At Draughts Restaurant & Bar our commitment is to show you that this is truly “where great food meets great draught beer.” A well known neighborhood favorite hangout for adults, college students, and families Draughts has been established in the Conejo Valley in the heart of Thousand Oaks for over 10 years. At Draughts we also offer our sport fans the greatest sporting experience. With over 19 HDTVs, every seat in the house is better than being at the game itself! Our friendly staff and our comfortable environment welcomes you to Draughts Restaurant & Bar.

Summer Food Trends

Detox-friendly mocktails, plant "butchery," and cake for breakfast (!) are just a few of our favorites…

There's a lot to look forward to in 2017. There's another Star Wars movie coming out for starters, a new nutrition label will make it's debut, and the much talked about total solar eclipse will finally happen! All very monumental stuff! But what we're most excited for has nothing to do with movies or current events. As you may have guessed, most of our attention has been on what's brewing for the new year in the food realm. And we're pleased to report that there're lots of interesting—and healthy—trends that will likely waltz into your favorite restaurants and grocery stores in the months ahead.

From detoxifying mocktails to eating cake for breakfast, we looked at the most promising trends and predictions and identified which ones we like and which we think you should skip—especially if you're trying to flatten your belly. So take out your notepad, guys; it's time to delve into everything delicious and trendy and make a to-do list of all the things you want to remember to try (or not!) in the year ahead!

Persian Influences

As refugees flee their homes and come to America, they're bringing their culinary tastes with them, which has inspired some unique flavor fusions, according to Sterling-Rice Group's 2017 trends and predictions report. "Where we're seeing this now the most is in [the] war-torn Middle East, with Afghanis, Syrians, Persians all fleeing the area and their food culture trickling down and out," says Liz Moskow, the culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group. "[We think there will be a] Middle Eastern fusion cuisine that will be led by Persian influences, with pomegranate, sour cherries, sumac, fenugreek, orange blossom. We'll probably it combined with the base of that of more traditional Afghani cuisine. Not just hummus and kabob, but these more delicate flavors."

PURPLE FOOD Once reserved for fancy grocery stores and farmers markets, purple versions of our favorite produce (cauliflower, potatoes, corn, asparagus, etc.) are finally becoming more mainstream, according to Whole Foods' 2017 trends and products report—and this is great news! Colors of fruits and veggies indicate which nutrients they possess. So roasting up a blend of both white and purple potatoes, for example, means you're giving your body a wider breadth of vitamins for optimal health. Things start to become less straightforward when it comes to processed foods made with this violet hued produce, though. Don't assume that a bag of chips of a box of cereal is automatically a healthy pick just because they're made with purple corn instead of the yellow kind. It's still vital to read nutrition labels to ensure your snack of choice is a healthy one. Not sure what you should be looking for? Our report, 20 Tips for Understanding Nutrition Labels can help!


According to Google's 2016 Food Trend report, sourdough bread is on the up and up, and we believe it's only going to become more mainstream in 2017. While that may seem odd given the synchronized rise gluten-free diets, it actually makes a lot of sense. For those who classify themselves as "gluten sensitive" (as opposed to those with a genuine gluten intolerance) sourdough is one of the best breads to consume. "If [sensitive folks] ate bread that's undergone a long sourdough fermentation, they wouldn't have any problems," nutrition expert and New York Times bestselling author Michael Pollan, recently said in an interview. "[The] tradition of fermenting flour with sourdough breaks down the peptides in gluten that give people trouble," Pollan explains. He also notes that commercial bread companies tend to speed up the bread-making process, which is where the issues arise, "I've heard from lots of people that when they eat properly fermented bread, they can tolerate it." Medical experts agree. "[The] fermentation process provides lots of healthy bacteria that help to balance the digestive system and manage your metabolism," Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, MD, tells us. The bottom line? The trend is definitely a go!


Considering 2016 was dubbed the "International Year of Pulses" by the folks at the United Nations, we're not at all surprised to learn about this plant-based protein trend prediction from Sterling-Rice Group. (Pulse is an all-encompassing term for beans, lentils, and peas.) More and more restaurants and food manufacturers are making "barbecue ribs," "pepperoni," and "hamburgers" made with things like legumes and mushrooms instead of meat. And we're not just talking about a typically veggie burger here. These things look, feel, cook, and taste like actual meat—making them super appealing for both vegetarians and carnivores who are hoping to dial back their meat consumption. Beyond Meat, for example, recently came out with a product they're calling The Beyond Burger. It literally looks like a raw hamburger patty and it cooks and tastes like a fresh beef patty. Thanks to the addition of beets, it even "bleeds" like a meat-based patty. With 20 grams of protein and 25 percent of your day's iron in each patty, these definitely get our stamp of approval! You can find them in the meat section of your local market.


Okay, we're going to be real with you, here. We're not totally sure how we feel about Sterling-Rice Group's trend prediction. "There was a study that recently came out from Syracuse University re-touting the benefits of dark chocolate, specifically on cognitive function. The thought was eating chocolate prepares you more for your workday," Moskow said, adding that there was also a recent study that found that eating dessert at breakfast aids weight loss efforts. Combining those two studies and the likeability of having dessert for breakfast, we predict that breakfast might start seeing brunch amuse-bouche chocolate cakes or brunch and breakfast restaurants incorporating a robust dessert menu," Moskow explains. Our suggestion? Add some sweet treats to your oatmeal—but skip the lavish cake displays—especially if brunching is a regular part of your weekend routine.


According to Google, another delectable, indulgent trend coming our way in 2017 is edible cookie dough. Yes, you read that right! Cookie dough that's made sans eggs (or in some cases, pasteurized (read: salmonella-free) eggs) so you can nibble on it straight from the carton—no baking required. Is this safer than eating the conventional raw stuff? Absolutely. But tread carefully; we definitely don't back every brand that's churning out the stuff. A single half-cup serving of the stuff can easily boast between 200 to 400 calories and not to mention, a ton of sugar. And who can really stick to such a small serving size? Nobody we know! If you're going to scoop your spoon into this trend, we suggest sticking to a brand like Hungry Root, which relies on wholesome—abet caloric—ingredients like chickpeas, almond butter, and sweet potato. It tastes awesome and is far lower in sugar than more conventionally produced brands. Interested in getting your hands on some? You can order a container online. Another option? Make a batch from scratch. We're fans of this recipe from the blog, Chocolate Covered Katie.


If you keep up with health news, you've likely noticed that just about every week a new study rolls out linking lack of sleep to weight gain. And it seems food companies are taking notice, too. According to market intelligence agency, Mintel, 2017 will present us with a number of new food and drink products marketed especially for nighttime consumption. Healthy Skoop, for example, is a company dedicated to producing plant-based nutrition, has recently released a new nighttime product they've dubbed Sleep Protein. According to the brand's website, Sleep Protein's objective is to promote "calmness and relaxation to encourage sustained quality sleep" and they target their product towards "anybody who occasionally has trouble falling or staying asleep." It will be interesting to see what other sleep- and evening-focused products come to market in the year ahead. In the meantime, nibble yourself to sleep with the help of these 30 Best and Worst Foods To Eat for Sleep.


In addition to the rise of healing spices like turmeric, meditation and mindfulness were all major trends in 2016. In turn, many consumers have begun to explore all things Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. "As yoga and meditation continue to thrive, dosha dining's growth in popularity comes as no surprise," yoga and meditation teacher Ashlee Davis tells us. "In Ayurveda, everyone is believed to be born perfect with their own unique constitution. Depending on your dominant dosha (mind-body type) or your combination of doshas, Ayurveda recommends specific foods and behaviors that will balance your individual nature, leading to optimal health," explains Davis.

Sterling-Rice Group predicts that as Indian food continues to grow in popularity and as more people hop on the yoga bandwagon, more people will start eating foods that will be good for their dosha as well. Considering many of these foods are things like fruits and veggies, we don't see the harm. But like any new diet routine, it's best to make sure you're not cutting out any important nutrients. To learn more about the potential risks and how to avoid them, don't miss our report, 17 Nutrients Your Weight Loss Plan is Missing.


According to the 2017 McCormick Flavor Forecast, the way we cook our meat in the New Year is about to get more globally inspired. A plancha, which is essentially a thick, flat slab of cast iron, is commonly used in Spain, France's Basque region, as well as Mexico—but its next stop is here in the U.S. Known for creating smoky sear and flavor crust, the cooking accouterment is perfect for cooking everything from meats and seafood to vegetables. And since it's free of slats like a grill, it can handle food slathered in sauces and glazes with ease. We're giving this trend the green light—just don't get too heavy handed with the cooking condiments. They can be super sugary.


If you typically toss the leaves from your broccoli into the trash or peel the skins off of your potatoes, it's time to change your ways! Skins, leaves, and stalks have unique nutrients not found in other parts of the vegetables. They also have higher concentrations of vitamins than parts more commonly consumed. It's for these reasons that many food companies and restaurants are finding creative ways to repurpose typically tossed out stems, skins, and rinds. (The image of the chips above are made from cold-pressed juice pulp!) "This is driven by millennials' desire to make the earth a better place. They're finding ways to repurpose and use things that would ordinarily be discarded," explains Moskow. "For example, watermelon rinds being made into pickles. Making cauliflower rice using the stem. [It's about making the most of] something that ordinarily would end up in the garbage."


Sardines may not be the most popular fish in the sea, but according to Sterling-Rice Group, that's about to change. "With sardines, you think of this outdated looking package, something that your grandfather would eat. [But a] couple brands out of Portugal are putting a modern spin on sardines," says Moskow, adding, "They're [making] interesting flavors, smoked varieties, and these really plump, [oily] looking pieces of fish as opposed to the skinny thing, where you saw the bone and it didn't look appealing and was really smelly. Sardines are high in omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein, high in umami flavor, all things that are trending."


Once word got out that egg yolks do not, in fact, increase cholesterol levels, people started going crazy with the stuff! And according to McCormick, the trend is going to continue on through 2017. Considering yolks are a rich a healthy, waist-whittling fat called choline we're totally on board with this trend. For the ultimate Instagram-worthy yolk run, add a sunny side up eggs to salads, grain bowls, burgers, and avocado toast. Yum!


Recently, mocktails have started to extend way beyond sugary those Shirley Temples you loved as a kid. They've gotten a modern makeover and now feature health-promoting ingredients like fresh-pressed juices, teas, sipping vinegar, herbs, and spices. "People watch mixologists muddle herbs and it feels like a special treat, rather than ordering a ginger ale or club soda," Moskow says of the trend. "We feel restaurants are going to start offering more robust menus—not just one or two little things on the side of their drink menus. It's sort of like the next incarnation of soda." Don't want to wait to see one pop up on your favorite restaurant menu?


As consumers continue to look for less processed, more nutrient dense foods as well as single serve on-the-go snacks, industry experts say that the potable, drinkable protein category is about to become bigger than ever. We suspect that things like Chobani's sippable yogurt drinks and Sunniva Super Coffee (a coffee beverage made with coconut oil and protein isolate) will be in every market across the nation by the end of 2017. So long as you opt for a drink low in added sugar, you should feel good about getting in on this new trend.


McCormick predicts that in 2017 sweet and spicy flavors like peppercorn will mingle more than ever before. It's hard to say what types of products will be brought to market with this trending palate, so we can't give it a yay or nay quite yet. However, we're guessing the sweet heat-infused products and restaurant dishes will likely fall into both categories.


Nine times out of a ten, when a milkshakes and cocktails join forces to make a baby, the resulting dish is one you'll want to stay away from. According to restaurant industry news organization, Nation's Restaurant News, drinkable desserts and boozy twists on childhood favorites gained a ton of traction at smaller, well-known restaurants this past summer. (Think: bourbon-spiked root beer floats.) Which means only one thing: the trickle down to chains across the nation is likely coming out way come summer 2017.


From zucchini noodles (AKA zoodles) and quinoa-based spaghetti to lasagna sheets made from beans and lentils, there's no shortage of alternative pasta these days. And according to Whole Foods, the category is only going to continue to grow in popularity come 2017. Many of these alternatives are more nutrient-dense than conventional noodles, so we're happy to see that these innovative pastas will be sticking around.

Unique Foods

If you've never tried purple asparagus or black garlic purée, you might get your chance starting next year.

One of the more colorful food trends of the new year is "purple everything," the company says, such as purple asparagus, purple cauliflower, and purple sweet potatoes, among others. And environmentally-friendly shoppers will be happy to know that Whole Foods predicts that food made from byproducts—whether it’s leftover whey from strained Greek yogurt or spent grains from beer—will be trendy, too. As for coconuts, Whole Foods thinks consumers will branch out from tropical fruit-flavored water in 2017: Coconut, which is a fruit, a nut, and a seed all in one, will be used to make sugar, beauty products, and its white flesh will be more commonly found in flours, tortillas, chips, ice creams, butters, and more.

Here's the list of the top eight potential food trends of 2017:

Wellness tonics: Ingredients include kava, Tulsi/holy basil, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar. Byproducts: Whole Foods says brands like Atlanta Fresh and White Moustache are using leftover whey from yogurt production to create probiotic drinks.

Coconut everything: Think: Chips, ice cream, butters, etc.

Japanese food beyond sushi: Like dried kelp, wakame, and Japanese-style pickles.

Creative Condiments: Such as black sesame tahini, habanero jam, ghee, and black garlic purée.

Alternative pasta: Alternative grain noodles made from quinoa, lentils, and chickpeas will be on the rise.

Purple foods: Also will include black rice, elderberries, acai, and purple corn and cereal.

Oven-ready meal kits: Fresh oven-ready meal kits and vegetable medleys will be on the upswing.

Unique Food Restaurants

Hummus Yummy

Speaking to the incredible Israeli cuisine that can be found in the Valley is new food truck Hummus Yummy. The North Hollywood backyard operation by Shachar “Tony” Weiner-tuned bright green truck has become a fast favorite of local food writers and beyond for light-as-air hummus that is the base of the entire menu. Find the truck camped out at locations throughout the SFV, although it also ventures out to Smorgasburg on Sundays.

Kobee Factory

This humble Syrian restaurant in Van Nuys has become an under-the-radar critical darling for its namesake meat patty dish that comes in fried and grilled varieties. You’d be wise not to skip the soul-warming mjadara, a dish of bulgar and lentils, either.

Skaf's Grill

This North Hollywood strip mall gem is a mecca of Lebanese favorites like its garlicky falafel, hummus, and shawarma.

Joe's Cafe

The Valley is made for great, casual weekend breakfast places, and Joe's Cafe fits the bill perfectly. Owner Joe Wetherbee actually competed on an episode of Chopped a few years back, but otherwise the quiet Granada Hills option just keeps chugging along, helping locals stuff their faces with eggs benedict and everything else.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

There are few more transportive experiences in all of LA than North Hollywood’s Wat Thai, a Buddhist temple with weekend open-air food market that comes as close to the Thai street food experience as you’ll get outside of Bangkok. Exchange your bills for colorful tokens and munch on everything from barbecue skewers to hard-to-find khanom khrok, bite-sized coconut custard cakes.

Idle Hour Bar

Idle Hour is a Valley landmark in the truest sense. Heck, it’d be impossible to miss the iconic giant barrel while driving through North Hollywood. The food is better than you would expect, too, but who’s really complaining when you have that Bulldog Café façade-adorned patio that’s pleasant at all hours of the day.


The Woodland Hills outlet of Anarbagh Indian Restaurant continues to shine after nearly 30 years in business, expanding eventually to locations across the Valley and beyond. Chef Mohammed Miah works a collection of classic dishes, from curries to chicken tikka to tandoori options on down.

Ariana Restaurant

Tarzana’s own Ariana is a newcomer on this list, but is no stranger to praise. The restaurant opened in 2015 and has since built a steady following thanks to its rich Afghan menu, which includes kabobs, aushak dumplings, and more. Asanebo Asanebo has been on the receiving end of plenty of critical acclaim for its pristine cuts of fish. This is inventive sushi done to perfection, but with exceptional chawanmushi and king crab to boot.

Augustine Wine Bar

Dustin Lancaster, Matthew Kaner, and Dave Gibbs combined to open Augustine Wine Bar in February of last year, immediately creating a gathering place for locals looking for great bottles and awesome food. Now that chef Matt Wilson is on the scene, the place is better than ever.

Barrel & Ashes

It was a huge boon for Studio City when the former chef de cuisine of The French Laundry Timothy Hollingsworth opened up a barbecue joint. Don’t skip the crazy delicious hoecake.

Bills Burgers

There are burgers and burger-makers, and then there’s Bill Elwell. The namesake man behind this Van Nuys beef and bun legend still mans the griddle as often as possible, turning out some of the sturdiest cheap eats meals in the Valley.

Black Market Liquor Bar

Part cozy lounge, part dinner hotspot with a craft cocktail focus, Black Market has been strengthening the Studio City dining scene since 2011. Their strong small plates menu is still a trendsetter for the neighborhood — to say nothing of their popular brunch.

Boneyard Bistro

More than just another barbecue destination, Boneyard has become one of the Valley’s best craft beer and cocktail spots. Their vast array of savory, hearty small bites also pack the house nightly, as does owner Aaron Robin’s strong burger menu and late night offerings.

Brent's Deli

A Valley deli institution, Brent’s has been a staple in the Northridge neighborhood for nearly 40 years. Their outlandishly good black pastrami reuben is reason enough to make the drive.

Casa Vega

Old school big plate Mexican restaurants don’t get much more iconic than Casa Vega, the plush Sherman Oaks staple celebrating its 60th year in business.

Wanderlust Creamery

There’s no need to escape the Valley’s scorching summer heat now that Wanderlust Creamery is on site in Tarzana. The popular ice cream shop is a hit with just about everyone thanks to their rotating list of unique flavors and colorful style.

Breakfast & Coffee

Rabbit Hole Café 30651 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Rabbit Hole Café is an adorable hole-in-the-wall restaurant you could easily miss when driving by. It is a cozy café with an Alice in Wonderland theme – perhaps to bring out the curiosity and childlike playfulness in not only children but also adults. Perfect for Health-Fanatics or a cleanse, this is your quintessential Local, Organic, non-Gmo, non-Preservative, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Juice, Coffee, Tea cafe. Whether you’re on the go for a quick breakfast wrap, or need a place for coffee and work on the laptop, Rabbit Hole Café has a bit of fun and food for all of us. Order: Mushroom & Brie Egg Wrap. Raw Sesame Kelp Noodles. Trophic of Kale smoothie.


Harvest Kitchen & Bar at Hyatt Westlake Village 880 S. Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village, CA, 91361

Best place for brunch with your family or significant other. Once you enter the Hyatt, you are shifted into a grand vacation experience with their friendly staff greeting you upon arrival and upscale, yet warm ambiance. Another ‘farm-to-table’ concept, with seasonal fruits & vegetables, fresh ingredients made from scratch by Gourmet Chefs from around the World for the classic California Cuisine. This is an ideal place to host a party in their Private Dining Room; having your own chef is part of the event. And in case you were wondering, they have a full bar for your Brunch Mimosa’s or Bloody Mary’s (hair of the dog). Order: Everything on the Menu.


Ladyface Ale Companie – Ale & Brasserie 29281 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Owners Cyrena Nouzille & David Griffith nurtured a specific vision by opening this restaurant; they have dedicated their time to helping local women and the community by purchasing from local producers as well as starting the first Micro-Brewery in Conejo Valley. Paired with their passion for quality food and beer, Ladyface cooking is inspired by French Brasserie, serving small plates for both lunch & dinner; and Belgian Brews, while using seasonal California produce. This is a fun and lively dining experience regardless of whether you sit indoors in their Euro-Pub ambiance or outdoors on the patio with a view of the Ladyface Mountain (the namesake of the restaurant). To top off their hospitality, all servers are Beer Sommeliers. As part of their dedication to the community, they host “Ladies of Ladyface” on Mondays for women who want to learn more about the process of brewing.

**Ladyface Mountain is a Chumash Indian Folklore of a warrior woman who fell in love, and dedicated her heart to him. At a certain angle, and especially with some Belgian Ales, you can see the face profile of the Lady looking skyward, waiting for her Love.

Order: Beer Sampler for the table. Roasted & Pickled Beets. Steak Tartare. Novy Ranch Wood-Grilled Burger.

Public School 805 120 Promenade Way, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

School is in session! Memories of school were certainly not as fun as this restaurant where you get to eat delicious burgers and tater tots, while guilt-free ordering any beers or cocktails off the menu without being suspended by the Principal! Public house is a gastropub with fusion dishes and a fun bar atmosphere in a School Bus setting.

Order: Devilled Eggs. Crispy Ahi Tuna Taco’s. Grilled Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Stack. Shrimp & Grafton Cheddar Grits.


The Grill on the Alley 120 E. Promenade Way, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

The Grill is the Classic All-American Steakhouse. Especially talented Chefs grill steaks over fire; you can easily see into the kitchen. Waiters/waitresses are exceptionally trained – they thoroughly understand every item on the menu. This is a classy place to celebrate an anniversary, Business dinner, or Family Birthday. Order: Start with the Seafood Platter. Grilled Wedge Salad. The steaks are grilled to perfection. Sides are all delectable. Don’t forget to order a classic Vodka or Gin Martini.

For Drinks

Sip Malibu Cielo Wine Bar 2598 Sierra Creek Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

As you drive past this unassuming shopping center, one could easily miss Sip Malibu, an eclectic Wine Bar, situated in an old parking lot that is located next to a country mart where Harley Bikers make a stop during their cruise, for sandwiches or booze before they take off on the highway again. Once you walk through the wooden door into Sip Malibu, you are transported on a time machine into another era. With 60’s – 80’s music playing, locals hanging out in the patio catching up, you are greeted by the friendly rocker/grungier-looking than usual Wine Sommelier dancing around behind the counter. It’s as if you’ve been brought back to that other life as a Hippie, with their Psychedelic décor, music & ambiance. The eccentric Sommelier introduces you to their funky “Woodstock Collection” with wines named “White Rabbit Chardonnay” or “Purple Haze. If the song playing matches the wine you’re sipping, you get the bottle half off. Such a great deal – and it makes you want to stay just a bit longer! The wines are sourced from vineyards in both Malibu and the Napa Valley.

Sheraton Agoura Hills Hotel 30100 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

This Sheraton property is centrally located just a minute off the 405 exit. It is a great place to stay; with the softest bed sheets ever and a fun place for happy hour while watching the game or just a place to relax after work.

Food Festivals

The DTLA Arts & Music Festival 2017 is NOW on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

The Agenda Festival is one day event best described as a curated mall of pop-up shops dropped into the middle of a music festival. The festival experience will include 500+ pop-up shops from today's most influential skate, surf, streetwear and lifestyle brands surrounded by live musical performances, limited edition product drops, art installations, panel discussions, skate contests, athlete/influencer meet & greets, locally curated food trucks and much more. Your general admission ticket grants you access to the full day of programming. July 15 Long Beach

The Hollywood Beer and Music Festival is a unique event celebrating craft beer and live music. Enjoy unlimited samples of over 60 craft beers and 3 stages of live entertainment. The event is celebrating its fifth year in Hollywood. The event is a collaborative effort of #rockstarbeer Productions and many local breweries combining their efforts to raise money for environmental research. The event will also feature a food vendor area and a crazy After Party at Bardot Rooftop.

Culver City Centennial Food/Wine Festival

Enjoy 15-20 Great Restaurants/Food Vendors. Local restaurants participating include Hanjip, Pitfire Pizza, Mayura Indian, LA Gastronomy, Public School, Wildcraft, Panini Kabob Grill- formally the Panini Cafe, Fresh Brothers Pizza, Luciano Italiano Cuccina, Marriott Hotel, Cava, Naked Juice, Harmless Coconut Water, Le Pain Quotidien, Smitten Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Ococoa Chocolates and more. Up to 25+ Wines/Spirits, Craft Beers and other beverages including many from Youngs Market, Martian Winery, Rutherford Ranch Wines, 1000 Stories Wines, The Red Rule and Butternut White from BNA Wine Group, Cielo Wines (Malibu) Plough Family Winery, Obvious Wines, One Hope Wines, Boisset Winery, Spa Girl Vodka, American Born Whiskey, Rock and Roll Tequila, Humboldt Rum and Vodka, Iron Fist Craft Beer to name many of them . Plus the Naked Juice Truck and plenty of Harmless Coconut Water. Event is Indoor & Outside on the adjacent patio and back parking lot. Culver City/Celebrity Chefs including Kimmy Tang (Owner of many past restaurants including 9021PHO). Free chair massages by fantastic massage therapist Jason Chase for VIP ticket holders along with early entry and some giveaways.

Ambiance Music by DJ Gabe of Culver City and Live Guitar by Kevin G as well as other entertainment including Yelp's Photo Booth, Fantastic Paul-professional strolling magic from America's Got Talent and a fortune telling psychic. Come meet the Top Wolverine/Logan character look-a-like for photos. A wonderful event to attend with great friends and the Only Approved Centennial Food & Wine Festival.

Huntington Beach Beer Festival

The Huntington Beach Beer Festival is an all inclusive event brining guests to the sandy beaches of Huntington State Beach. While there, guests can try unlimited samples of over 100 craft beers, wines, and spirits. Enjoy the beautiful ocean and sand in the feet. Live bands and DJ's set the stage and get the crowd on their feet. The event will feature a food truckefes and water cool down stations as well. Event benfits the Coastal Conservation Associaiton.

MUSICAL GUESTS Headlined by 40 Oz of Freedom, Sublime Tribute Band and other reggae acts. ​ FOOD TRUCKS We will have 10 trucks for your tasting pleasure.

WATER ACTIVITIES We know Summer Months tend ot be hot that is why we are making this party swim suit friendly, no shoes needed, in and out priveledges to dunk in the ocean, water gun friendly, and we will have a bunch of cold mini pools. More info at:

9th Annual Wine & Beer Festival

We hope that you will join us in celebrating and participating in Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles' 9th Annual Wine & Beer Festival presented by Joe Giacomin's Martin Chevrolet and benefiting Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. A growing tradition in Southern California, the Wine and Beer Festival offers guests a world class experience close to home. Located on the luxurious Palos Verdes Peninsula, this venue offers panoramic ocean views and is an ideal setting for showcasing world renowned wineries and breweries, L.A.'s best gourmet food trucks, live music entertainment, and exhibitors from all over the South Bay. Our 9th Annual Wine & Beer Festival will take place on August 20th, 2017 from 12PM. – 4PM. Join us as we celebrate summer and raise money for a great cause

30th Annual Encino Family Festival (formerly A Taste of Encino)

The 30th Annual Encino Family Festival (Formerly A Taste of Encino) - will be filled with business booths, craft vendors, kids activities & FUN Zone, school booths, food, beer & wine garden and live entertainment the whole family can enjoy! Visit the event website at

3rd Annual San Pedro Craft Beer Festival is a unique event celebrating craft beer, food and live music. The event is a collaborative effort of HGS and many breweries combining to raise money for an organization project in Long Beach California to support the local community. The event will showcase multiple local and regional breweries as well as local bands and DJ & local chefs competing for your catering business. Be sure to grab a business card from your favorite food vendor. The event is a walk around outdoor event held at the Battleship IOWA in San Pedro, Ca. Moorpark Education Foundation invites the public to its 4th Annual Food Truck Meetup on the campus of Moorpark High School, 4500 Tierra Rejada Road, on Sunday, September 10th from 3-7pm. Food trucks, games, dunk tank, great music, plenty of shade and more. Free admission. Proceeds benefit Moorpark schools.

2017 Pier Under the Stars Food & Wine Tasting Benefit in Ventura on October 7th Since its original construction in 1872, the Ventura Pier has stood as a symbol of the region's rich history and natural resources. Once the cornerstone of Ventura County's agricultural, construction and oil trade, today the Ventura Pier is a favorite attraction for fishing, picnics, sunset strolls and beautiful views of Ventura County's coastline and the Channel Islands. In 1993 a dedicated group of community leaders created Pier into the Future, a non-profit organization, to establish a $1 million endowment fund to preserve and maintain the Ventura Pier for future generations to enjoy. This committed group is continually seeking volunteers to help Pier into the Future reach its goal through community outreach efforts at events such as the Ventura County Fair, the City of Ventura's Street Fairs and the ever-popular food and wine tasting event Pier Under the Stars, a gathering of restaurants, wineries, and breweries all in support of Ventura's treasured Pier. Festivities will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Ventura Promenade overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Ventura Pier. Visit to learn more and purchase tickets.

31st Annual California Avocado Festival in Carpinteria, October 6, 7, 8, 2017 The 31st Annual California Avocado Festival takes place in Downtown Carpinteria on Friday, October 6th (1 pm to 10 pm), Saturday, October 7th (10 am to 10 pm) and Sunday, October 8th (10 am to 6 pm). Admission to the Festival is FREE. Contact the California Avocado Festival at or call 805.684.0038 for more information.

The events are located in downtown Carpinteria on Linden Avenue Park & Ride Shuttle Service available at Carpinteria High School on Foothill Rd. and Canalino Elementary School on Linden Ave. There are four entertainment stages with over dozens of acts as well as dozens of arts and crafts vendors, commercial vendors and food booths. The festival is home to the world's largest vat of guacamole! Other activities include Best Guacamole Contest, Avocado Auction and more. Why avocados? Well, Santa Barbara County is the third largest avocado producer in North America, with Carpinteria being a major contributor. It's all good (fat, that is)!

Girl Scouts 3rd Annual "Fork It Over" Fundraiser in Thousand Oaks on Thursday, August 3rd Fork It Over Cookie Culinary Competition and Fundraiser to Benefit GSCCC’s Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast (GSCCC) is hosting the Third Annual Fork It Over fundraiser on Thursday, August 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Palm Garden Hotel in Thousand Oaks. Tickets are $50 per person and $75 for double admission, with all proceeds benefiting the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) across all six counties served by GSCCC.

Notable chefs from popular local restaurants will be creating Girl Scout cookie-inspired appetizers and desserts in imaginative sweet and savory cookie and food pairings. The event will also feature a variety of spirit purveyors from across California’s Central Coast, including local breweries and wineries.

Fork It Over ticket sales support what girls love about Girl Scouts. Participating in troops, camping and the outdoors, event participation patches, developing leadership skills, STEM-related activities, and so much more are all part of GSLE programming. Fork It Over proceeds will enhance these experiences and activities with critical leadership processes and outcomes.

“We are thrilled to continue our annual Fork It Over event to raise funds for GSLE programs,” said Jody Skenderian, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast. “Girl Scouts prepares girls to empower themselves with opportunities to discover their leadership skills, both in their everyday lives and in the real world.” The evening will conclude with a cookie culinary competition featuring recipes from renowned chefs from popular local California restaurants, caterers, and food trucks. A panel of judges will select the best creations and guests can vote on their favorite entry for the “People’s Choice” award as well as enjoy a silent auction.

Food and spirit sponsors include: Brendan's Irish Pub, DJs California Catering, Dottie's Sweet Delights, Sub Zero Ice Cream, Sugar Lab Bake Shop, The Cave Ventura, Seasons Catering- Ventura, The Gourmet Girl, Blvd. Brgr Co., DeLiese Cellars, Enegren Brewing Co., Figueroa Mountain Brewery, Institution Ale Co., Labrynth Winery, Martian Ranch & Vineyard, Opolo Vineyards, The Dudes' Brewing Company - Thousand Oaks, and Poseidon Brewing Company.

For information and to purchase tickets, please visit or contact Meghan Lopez at (805) 232-3963.

GSCCC’s Girl Scout Leadership Experience is the framework for defining what girls do in Girl Scouting and engages girls in three key activities: discovering who they are and what they value; connecting with others; and taking action to make the world a better place. GSLE is a variety of fun and challenging activities, where girls learn by doing activities such as earning badges, selling cookies, going on exciting trips, exploring the outdoors, and doing community service projects. At Girl Scouts, girls get to lead their own adventure, and work with other girls to choose the exciting, hands-on activities that they value most.

32nd Annual Senior Concerns Ultimate Dining Experience at Hyatt Westlake on September 16, 2017 The 32nd Annual Senior Concerns’ Ultimate Dining 2017 fundraiser is planned for Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 5:00 p.m., at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza,. The event will showcase some of the region’s best wineries along with the culinary creations of fine dining restaurants and caterers from the Conejo Valley.

Proceeds from the Ultimate Dining Experience help support Senior Concerns’ programs and services, including an Adult Day Program for seniors with cognitive or physical impairments, Meals On Wheels in Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park, and a Caregiver Support Center which provides invaluable services, information and emotional support for family caregivers. Experience the best in food and wine as we showcase a handful of amazing local restaurants and wineries. You’ll enjoy a selection of chef specialties and wine from old favorites and new restaurants, wineries and breweries in the Hyatt garden, live and silent auctions, the Ultimate Dining dinner, and more. Tickets are $210 or $395 per couple, and must be purchased in advance. For tickets please visit or call 805-497-0189. For sponsorship information or to donate an auction item, please contact Janet Young, Director of Development, at the same number.

26th Annual California Lemon Festival in Goleta on September 16-17, 2017 Be sure to stop by Girsh Park in Goleta on September 16-17, 2017 for the 26th Annual California Lemon Festival. FREE ADMISSION AND PARKING! Open 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. In addition to the sumptuous lemon food, fantastic family atmosphere, and cornucopia of entertainment and activities that have made this event the most anticipated in the Valley. Also at the event on Saturday is the 11th Annual Goleta Fall Classic Car and Street Rod Show from 9am to 3pm. As always, the Lemon Festival will feature the most extensive 'Safety Street' in the county, wildly-popular pie-eating contests, arts and crafts vendors, and more food than you can shake a lemon-scented stick at. A petting zoo and amusement park rides add to the many things that make the California Lemon Festival fun for the whole family. For more information visit or call 805.967.2500. Pets not allowed at the event.

The Valley Food Truck Festival Worldfest Valley Greek Festival GrubFest St. Genevieve’s Annual Fiesta Santa Monica Festival Sherman Oaks Street Fair Cajun and Blues Music Festiva Old Tyme Country Fairel Taste of Downtown Burbank Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival Street Food Cinema Sunset and Dine Vegan Street Fair VegFest

Monthly Gourmet Food Truck Events Downtown Oxnard

First Thursdays Gourmet Food Trucks: First Thursday of the month from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at Plaza Park, 500 South C Street. Enjoy over a dozen food trucks and live music.

#TBT Throwback Thursdays Food Truck Fest at Camarillo Ranch House: Every last Thursday of the month, Spring through October, at 201 Camarillo Ranch Road, Camarillo from 5pm to 9pm. Ten food trucks on hand plus beer and wine available for purchase.

Food Truck 2nd Fridays at The Plaza in Simi Valley, 405 Cochran Street, by BevMo and Party City. Every 2nd Friday from 5-9PM for most months out of the year. Next event is March 10, 2017.

Gourmet Food Trucks at the Pacific View Mall in Ventura: Every 3rd Friday of the month in the parking lot next to Trader Joe's, along Mills Road, from 5pm to 9pm. Features over 20 food trucks and live music.

Ojai Valley Food Truck Friday is the 1st Friday of each month from 5-9PM at Mira Monte Elementary School, 1216 Loma Drive, Ojai. Free family movie screening at 7:30pm.

Annual and Periodic Gourmet Food Truck Events Here are a few annual gourmet food truck events for your dining pleasure. Food trucks make an appearance of course at hundreds of events throughout the year, but those listed here have them as a primary focal point of the event. The Westlake High School Instrumental Music Boosters hosts a food truck festival in October (2006 event was October 9th). Details at

The Agoura High School International Baccalaureate Program hosts the annual Munch Madness International Street Fair event in the March time frame each year, featuring 15 or so gourmet food trucks. More at

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