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Spa Lé La

Everyone needs a little self-care, especially moms and dads! That's where Spa Lé La comes in. Based in Los Angeles, Spa Lé La offers child care and more while busy parents get pampered and relax.

Owner and CEO Trina Belton is a mom herself and opened the spa in 2016. Once her daughter was born, Trina found herself longing for some of the simple pleasures of single life. With that, Spa Lé La was born. The spa offers signature facials, massages, acupuncture, and hair removal, as well as several unique retreat services like a nap room, infrared sauna, a soaking tub, and an ultra-relaxing massage throne. There are also prenatal and postpartum services. But the best part is that childcare is free while moms and dads enjoy the spa services. Spa Lé La features a playroom that offers an amazing schedule of complimentary daily classes and events for the kids. Trained and certified nannies practice 'Innovative Creative Play' to keep your kids engaged. The playroom is also soundproof so there is no noise to disturb you!

As well, the "Spa Cafe" is the perfect playdate! Parents can sip and socialize onsite. The "Spa Cafe" combines a relaxed coffee shop atmosphere with the convenience of childcare. For the price of a light lunch ($10 per person entry fee), enjoy uninterrupted catch-up time with premium coffee, tea, and onsite childcare. There is also a two-person private VIP lounge you can book in advance.

"Spa Cafe is for parents to have a proper playdate. We have space, we serve tea and coffee and we watch your kids while you have mommy or daddy time," says Trina. "We also offer kids classes while parents are in the back taking much-needed self-care."

Spa Lé La is unique as it is the first spa in the world to offer onsite childcare. When clients come to the spa, they are offered a beverage and lounge time. As well, every new client receiving a massage or facial gets a consultation to make them comfortable. The Signature Massage is a spa favorite and the facials are high quality and results-driven. "Our clients won't go anywhere else," says Trina. "We hear over and over again how this is the best experience they have ever had. And that all of our staff is so kind."

Of course, even if you don't have kids, Spa Lé La is still an amazing place to chill out and get pampered. Their VIP Membership is $89 per month for a 50-minute massage or relaxation facial. (which is regularly $110). It also includes one monthly retreat service for free. Retreats include either a bath, nap, infrared sauna or massage throne. And you get 10 percent off any other service.

Need more tips and tricks? Spa Lé La has a podcast where they discuss everything skin related. Each episode is on a different subject, such as sunscreen, one on botox, one on hyaluronic acid fillers, IPL, RF micro-needling, and antioxidants. They discuss what it is, who it's good for, what the downtime is, costs, results, all much more. You can take a listen at

Spa Lé La is located at 4338 Tujunga Ave. in Studio City. For more information or to book a treatment call (747) 227-4338, email or log onto

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