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Salon Carabella

Everyone wants beautiful, clean and smooth skin, and that's what Salon Carabella, Cosmetics & Skin Care in Chatsworth delivers. Carabella Cosmetics & Skin Care owner Jennifer Charm-Jacobson has been an esthetician and makeup artist for over 30 years.

Salon Carabella is an eco-conscious, luxury skin clinic and makeup studio. Salon Carabella offers results-oriented facial treatments with microdermabrasion, Rezenerate nano-channeling, true oxygen facials, and pulsed LED treatments.

Jennifer caters to the discriminating facial client who wants the best and most effective treatments in an environment that's safe, friendly and up to date. Jennifer keeps herself highly educated in every new beauty treatment and procedure for the skin.

"The client who comes to me wants the personalized pampering service that you would get from a skincare specialist but they want someone with the confidence they would get from a dermatologist," says Jennifer.

Salon Carabella is unique because of its customized care for the client and their clean beauty products for the skin. Carabella never carries products with FD&C dyes, petrochemical-based preservatives, dangerous sunblocks, propylene glycol, parabens, or artificial fragrances.

"A client knows in coming here that they're going to get the most beautiful marriage of plant-based ingredients and high technology," says Jennifer. "Bananas in a jar never fixed anyone's face."

There are very popular treatments at Carabella. The Rhonda Allison Facial treatments and peels provide deep hydration, skin brightening, acne healing  and all provide deep cleaning.  They all include deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, customized serums, and moisturizer and sun protection. If you have rosacea, compromised barrier & sensitive skin, the Soothing O2 Facial cools and relieves and includes a gentle enzyme, true oxygen bearing products, lymphatic drainage massage, Red LED and an O2 masque.

The Rezenerate facial uses a special pen with disposable tips which have a tiny silicon chip made up of 48 pyramids instead of the illegal metal needles. This pen allows the esthetician to do a lighter exfoliation than microdermabrasion but is still highly effective. It creates tiny micro channels which aid in the penetration of serums used. “Its like micro, ultrasound and needling all in one painless treatment” Jennifer says. 

Another set of facial treatments centers around the Celluma LED panel which depending on what setting, kills acne,  causes 300% more collagen production, or lessens pain. 

Cryofacials are another hot new celebrity favorite service! The CryoBella Quantum Facial is a deluxe anti-aging and lifting treatment that starts with cleansing and resurfacing followed by nano-infusion therapy to fully exfoliate, hydrate and plump the skin. Those steps are followed by your choice of an anti-aging or facelifting CryoBella treatment to further tighten, smooth and firm the face and neck and create collagen production. Nasal- labial folds and those pesky “marionette lines” disappear after just one facial!

Skincare knowledge is another reason to see Jennifer. "Skin can get bored very easily," says Jennifer. "Sometimes when you are in a skincare regimen after 3-6 months you may not see the same big changes occurring that took place in the beginning of use”. It takes a savvy esthetician to know when to make changes in a client’s homecare. “Our bodies change for many reasons – age, illness, medication, the weather, hormone fluctuation – so nothing stays the same including one’s skincare regimen."

Carabella also offers professional makeup services. Jennifer can create looks for editorial makeup, headshots and bridal – really for any event you can think of. Her makeup artistry has been published in magazines and on runways and on TV.

"I am constantly upping my game so that I know what to use for what type of occasion," says Jennifer. "I'm trained in lighting, whether it's video or film or camera, daytime or evening, glamour or natural so I can make sure that the client looks perfect in any situation."

All of Jennifer's makeup applications include quality individual lashes and she works both in the salon and is also fully mobile. She also provides makeup lessons using your own makeup or hers.

Carabella sells two skincare lines – Rhonda Allison Clinical Skincare and Image Skincare. Rhonda Allison's line has eight different ranges in it comprised of products ranging from anti-aging through acne, rosacea and compromised barrier. 

Carabella Cosmetics & Skin Care is located in a mixed-use neighborhood at 20263 Kinzie St. in Chatsworth. To make an appointment call (818) 998-3223 or log onto

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