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Roman’s Carving Kitchen

Delicious food. A casual yet elegant atmosphere. Welcome to Roman’s Carving Kitchen!

Roman’s Carving Kitchen in West Hills offers gourmet-style food with affordable pricing. The restaurant specializes in unique catering, take-out, curbside service, pick-up, and dine-in. All dine-in orders are made to order! And that high-caliber shows.

The food meets the highest standards of quality, freshness, and uniqueness; combining both modern, creative, and healthy style of cooking. Chef and owner Roman Shishalovsky has 25 years of experience and he loves cooking the most delicious food out there!

Roman’s Carving Kitchen is a new vision for meats, BBQ and upscale sandwiches and salads. Simply walk up to the counter and pick which meal you want to enjoy. When it's ready, the friendly staff at Roman's will bring it to your table. The atmosphere of the restaurant is family-friendly, yet the food is so elegant and unique. You simply cannot find another fast-casual restaurant like this anywhere else!

The menu includes tasty selections like hand-carved meats – 24 Hours Roasted Tri-Tip Steak drizzled with BBQ sauce, 48 Hours Braised Prime Brisket, Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken with charred tomato-garlic sauce, Piccata Chicken Breast, St. Louis BBQ Pork Ribs, and Texas BBQ Beef Ribs. Roman's motto is to created amazing dishes from the best quality meat.

The presentation of the food is amazing. Everything looks gorgeous on the plate and creates an upscale feel. And all the food is packed with flavor! The meat is cooked through and when it's cut and served it is the perfect medium rare. That's a yummy and very tender piece of meat with a ton of taste.

“We pay a lot of attention to detail,” says Roman's manager John Giaccardi. “The meat melts in your mouth.”

In addition to the amazing meat selections, there are tons of delicious soups, salads and sandwiches. Stunning soups offer choices like Brisket Chili, Charred Tomato Bisque, Braised Beef and Faro and Chicken Tortilla. Sides include fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy, BBQ beans, cucumber salad, corn salsa and more! Sandwiches are the Brisket Melt, Piccata Chicken, Tri-Tip Steak and other great selections. You really will be winning with whatever you sect off the menu. “The flavor is incredible,” says John. “When you buy a Tri-Tip sandwich it's insane. In addition our roasted chicken is cooked healthy but is tender and moist at the same time.”

And don't forget dessert! The Tiramisu Banana Pudding is amazing.

Stop in at Roman's for a truly amazing and tasty meal or use them to cater your next event. They will provide the food and help with set up! You can even order online.

Roman's is located at 22950 Vanowen St West Hills. Call them at (818)703-4900 or log onto

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