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Rocco's Tavern

If you are looking for a genuine sports bar with a delicious Italian twist then look no further. Rocco's Tavern, with locations in Studio City, Culver City, Pasadena, Westwood and a new location opening in West Hollywood is the answer!

This fun-filled spot is the brainchild of four close friends and partners: Leo Amari, Alex Manos, Roger Toussaint and Johnny Liska.

“We had dreamed of opening up an Italian restaurant and a pizzeria and we finally said let's do it, and that's what we did,” says Leo.

Rocco's opened their Studio City spot in 2008. It's an upscale sports bar with really good food. The restaurant offers a fun and funky style. There's a spacious patio and and an eclectic atmosphere that creates the perfect place to chow down on pizza and wings while watching the big game.

Speaking of the food you can't do better! Start your meal off with a delicious batch of Fried Calamari or try the Italian version of a grilled cheese with the Mozzarella En Carrozza. Both tasty options come equipped with marinara sauce.

And it's wings, wings and more wings! The boneless and bone-in versions include the Original Hot, 911-Style, BBQ, Hot Honey BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, and Dirty Style. You can get 10 wings to 60 wings at once. Mmmm...yum!

Who doesn't love pizza? Rocco's offer an amazing array of toppings that include pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, Canadian bacon, fresh basil, spinach, tomato, anchovies, feta cheese, fresh garlic, pineapple, black olive, kalamata olive, ham, jalapenos, chicken, and shrimp!

There are also menu options like salads, wraps, pasta, burgers and sandwiches and down home Italian favorites.

What do patrons say about Rocco's?

“Our customers are thrilled because we are different,” says Leo. “If you go to a sports bar generally you won't get our level of service and food. People say we are unbelievable. As well, it's our goal to treat everybody like it's their own living room.”

Los Angeles sports have evolved so much in the last few years. Rocco's is the perfect place to watch football and baseball. There are TVs at every angle and location so you won't miss one play.

For the most recent football season Rocco's created a special menu that reflected what was on the screen. The idea came from Eric Dickerson, former NFL player for the Los Angeles Rams, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Raiders and Atlanta Falcons. The menu was reminiscent of the Hall of Famer’s illustrious past and included dishes like Sealy Texas Snapper, Sealy Texas Shrimp and a 29 Burger with Swiss cheese, spicy mustard, red onions and tomato.

“He came and infused the menu with items from his childhood and it worked out unbelievably,” says Leo. “It melded in perfectly and the menu just took off.”

Rocco's is truly “Dodger Central.” During baseball season they become a home away from home for people who don't want to miss a game. They offer specials so that patrons feel comfortable coming in several times a week to watch each play. “It's almost like you are in a mini Dodger stadium,” says Leo.

Singer Lance Bass is a partnering in the new Rocco’s West Hollywood location, and will have creative input on the menus offered there – make sure to check it out!

Visit Rocco's for the food, the atmosphere, and the fun! The Valley spot is located at 12514 Ventura Blvd., in Studio City.

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