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Methamphetamine Consequences

Nobody wants to become an addict. But some illegal drugs are so potent that addiction is easy to slip into. Methamphetamines are that kind of drug. According to, methamphetamine is a stimulant taken as a white, bitter-tasting powder or a pill. Crystal methamphetamine, a common form of the drug, resembles glass fragments or shiny rocks. People can take methamphetamine by smoking, swallowing, snorting or injecting. 

The “high” from methamphetamine is immediate and very strong, lasting anywhere from 6 to 24 hours. Methamphetamine increases the amount of the chemical dopamine in your brain. It makes people feel a surge of happiness and confidence, as well as a boost of energy and hyperactivity. These feelings are precisely why the drug is so addictive – even after only one use.

This dangerous chemical is absolutely toxic to the body. People who have taken methamphetamine often display heart or brain damage, aggressive behavior, memory loss and even experience psychoses. People who inject methamphetamine are more likely to contract infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C. Long term affects can include extreme weight loss, intense dental problems, itching, which can lead to skin sores, anxiety, sleeplessness, hallucinations and paranoia.

What happens legally if you are caught using methamphetamine? According to Edward F. Cohn Attorney at Law, the repercussions are grave. It is considered a Class 4 Felony. And getting caught is also expensive. Fines can be upwards of $2000 for the offense – more if you are caught red handed with the drug. And if you have 9 or more grams of methamphetamine on your person, the court assumes that you are planning to sell it – and that can have even more consequences.

You need a good defense attorney, such as Edward F. Cohn Attorney at Law , to help you mount against these legal trials and tribulations, especially if you are arrested for drug abuse. It is imperative to achieve a strong legal defense as soon as you can. Waiting can lead to the prosecutor building a stronger case against you. You should be aware of your rights and also realize that the prosecutors may not have that strong of a case against you. So don't despair because you can get through this legally – however if you are using this drug, you should quit, both for health and legal reasons.

Do you need help with your addiction to methamphetamines? SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at offers a National Helpline. It is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service for individuals and/or families who are dealing with substance abuse. The referral service is free of charge and in addition, can often refer you to facilities that charge based on a sliding fee scale or who accept Medicare or Medicaid. Everything is confidential. The helpline can be reached at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

If you are suffering from drug addiction, don't wait until you get caught or damage your body irreversibly. Reach out and get help!

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