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Marlon Hoffman

Marlon Hoffman offers an amazing musical journey with his rock 'n' roll stylings! Raised on Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Patti Page, Harry Belafonte, Burl Ives, and Fess Parker he formed his first band as a drummer by the age of ten. Other influences included The Four Seasons, Leonard Bernstein, The Beach Boys, Chubby Checker, and The Beatles.

Marlon's mother was very musical and her father "Grandpa Dave" and his wife were both musicians. The family was always singing songs around the piano.

"I fell in love with Gene Autrey and Roy Rodgers and then Elvis Presley. My mother was always playing Harry Belafonte and Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald," he says. "We watched the 'Lawrence Welk Show' and 'Mitch Miller Sing along with Mitch' so there was always music in my home."

At twelve years old Marlon was playing tunes by the Yardbirds and the Kinks. He even met Jimmy Page! He also loves soul music and Motown including James Brown, Sly, And The Family Stone, Marvin Gaye, and Otis Redding.

Marlon has had many successful bands throughout the years but for his current incarnation, he believed in leaving it up to the universe – or a higher power.

"I said to myself, 'I'm just gonna sit here and play my guitar and sing my songs until something happens.' I've been all over this country, played on the streets, lived in my van with an electric guitar and a little amp. Now I have a home, a number of guitars and a little studio and I said 'I'm just going to keep playing until the people arrive.' And it happened.'"

Marlon started playing at the Canyon Club as an opening act for The Guess Who and opened up acoustically for Johnny Rivers. The club has recently been giving the band their night as a headliner. Most recently, he has hooked up with San Juan Capistrano streaming company Through them, he will be performing in a live stream that will be offered free on September 6th.

Marlon's current musical style is classic rock, Americana vibe heavily influenced by The Birds. He did have a diversion in the 1980s where he was a lead singer for a post-punk band and in the 90s he grooved on bands like Pavement and Galaxy 500, so his tastes are truly varied.

"I just love music," he says. "Anything that can take us out of this material world and all the fighting and the worries of life. I can hear a song and transcend physical reality and go somewhere else for a few minutes."

He's had a few iconic moments as a fan – one of which was when he met George Harrison backstage at the Concert for Bangladesh. Marlon froze as he recognized the Beatles member but he did get George to sign his shirt! Most recently he's been working with Davey Johnstone from Elton John's band.

Marlon has had a lot of success but what truly makes him happy is the satisfaction of taking one of his songs and singing it acoustically to a friend – and seeing the smile on their face.

"My music communicates the human condition, that we are on Earth for a reason," he says. "It's also about the joy we get in reconnecting."

Marlon Hoffman will be opening for Eagles Tribute Band The Lomg Run on September 12 at a Carpool Jam Concert at The Canyon Performing Arts & Convention Center. The set begins at 6:45 p.m. For more information log onto

"We are going to have fun," Marlon says. "I'm looking forward to making some new fans."

Marlon Hoffman's new double album "The Marlon Hoffman Band - Live at the Village Recorder I & II" will be released early this year. For information on the record, tours and the band go to

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