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Lose Weight and Feel Great

Being overweight affects many aspects of your life. Physically, we all know that obesity can be hard on your body, particularly on your cardiovascular health. Having a few extra pounds leads to high blood pressure, kidney problems, heart failure, diabetes, joint pain, arthritis and can even have a negative effect your sex life. Obesity can also affect your body’s hormone production leading to hormone imbalance.

From a psychological point of view, being overweight can cause you to feel depressed and hopeless which then leads to a vicious cycle of yo yo dieting and binging. It also impacts your self image and can even cause anxiety.

Paying a visit to Dr. Jeffrey E. Sherman, a Board-Certified Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner and Certified BioTE Hormone Replacement Provider can help. Dr. Sherman began in family practice working in community clinics. He found that most of his patients had diseases related to weight and obesity like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and depression.

“The problem with modern medicine is that most physicians are trained to treat symptoms with medications and forget to look at the root cause,” says Dr. Sherman. “When I began looking at weight loss and hormone optimization, my patients not only felt better, but had better health outcomes and results.”

Dr. Sherman helps his patients feel and look better and improve diseases directly related to their weight. His program offers several different options for weight loss that are tailored to your specific needs. They examine the complete individual – gut health, hormone imbalance, and lifestyle. Then they develop a individualized plan of care. Some patients do well with appetite suppressants while others need a more comprehensive program.

For patients who prefer not to think or worry about preparing their own meals, Dr. Sherman offers a program that delivers delicious and chef prepared meals sent directly to them.

“We offer the HCG diet, pre packaged meal plans shipped to your house, programs designed based on the individuals specific gut flora and food sensitivity,” says Dr. Sherman. “We also offer lab testing to determine cortisol levels and other hormones that may affect your weight. Weekly lipotropic, vitamin and B12 injections are also available which aid in weight loss and energy.”

So what are lipotropic injections?

Also known as Lipo-B Shots, lipotropic injections are a convenient and affordable treatment. The body requires nutrition and vitamins to help let go of the fat stores it’s been holding onto. Lipotropic shots contain specific nutrients such as methionine, inositol and choline as well as vitamins such as B12 and B-Complex which are fat burning compounds that help to break down and metabolize fat. These shots give you energy so that you can function at your best during the day.

And they can help you lose weight!

Medical weight loss programs, medical professionals, fitness and health trainers, and nutritionists implement lipotropic shots into their health program to aid in losing weight and to provide numerous other benefits that comes from a healthy blast of nutrients. The overall effect of Lipotropic injections is enhanced weight loss, particularly when they are combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The best part is the consultation with Dr. Sherman is completely free. He will design a program together with you and ensure that it fits your needs – and your budget. He also provides support by meeting with patients once per week to monitor progress and help you overcome any hurdles.

“From correcting any hormone imbalance to simple changes in behaviors, we can find an approach that is right,” says Dr. Sherman. “No one program fits all, so we tailor the programs to meet our patients needs. Thats how we get such great results.”

Start feeing and looking younger today! Dr. Sherman's office is located at 22554 Ventura Blvd, Suite 117, Woodland Hills. Call the office and set up a free consultation at (818) 703-9512 or log onto

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