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LA SmashCakes

Want your next event to be smashing? The cater in a unique dessert from LA SmashCakes! SmashCakes are gourmet chocolate pinata cakes, filled to the brim with goodies like gummies, M&Ms, and Skittles.

A self-proclaimed chocoholic, owner Jenny Hernstad began her career in the fashion industry. In 2016 she brought that sensibility to desserts when she opened LA SmashCakes. “The concept of pinatas was just perfect,” she says “I took it to a whole different level.”

Chocolate pinatas began in Australia and have now spread to the U.S. The cake is handmade of top quality chocolate. There's no gluten, flour, or baking. There's no fondant, icing or frosting. It's just chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! SmashCakes are all about molding and decorating and playing with chocolate and of course bashing in the cakes to get to the yummies inside. “I started with the chocolate and making these designs, and I realized that I could do absolutely anything,” says Jenny. “My cakes look like real cakes so when people bring them out at parties and with a mallet no one can quite understand – until someone's actually smashing the cake.”

To see the reaction on people's faces is just incredible and the gourmet chocolate is delicious! SmashCakes is unique in that it is a completely different alternative to real cake. Truthfully it's a step up! SmashCakes are perfect for any occasion from birthdays, to weddings to baby gender reveals. Jenny has even created engagement cakes that hold a ring inside. Every SmashCake comes with a mallet and instructions on how to keep your cake fresh.

Jenny loves a challenge and making SmashCakes is truly fun for her. One of the most ambitious SmashCakes she created was for an Oscars celebrity party. It was four-tiers, with every tier filled with something different. The cake weighed 30 pounds and there was a huge Oscar on the top. “The bigger the tier the bigger the challenge,” she says. “As long as we have the imagination I can make anything.”

The Everything Chocolate Dome is the most popular cake on the menu. It's a round chocolate dome and is fully loaded with every single kind of chocolate you can imagine – from Reeses to Rolos. However SmashCakes are fully customizable and sometimes people even put gifts inside the cakes along with the candies. You can ask for a specific design with a specific chocolate or candy inside. Jenny recently created a 21st birthday cake with an actual champagne bottle on the top! She also created a guitar SmashCake for a friend's birthday party. “The kids and adults loved it and the whole cake was gone,” she says. “I love to see the reaction myself, I've had a lot of fun and a lot of amazing times.”

SmashCakes has gotten amazing feedback, and everybody is taken aback by the concept – but in a great way! Jenny has catered for KTLA 5 and Rachel Ray Everyday. She says doing so was fun because she got to watch the smashing! Other events she has worked with include the Laugh Factory Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show, the IMPROV show and Young Legends - a runway benefit for Make-A-Wish Foundation. SmashCakes are expanding with plans to open locations in New York and London.

For more information on LA SmashCakes call (310) 349-6739 or log onto

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