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Krazy For Kats

Michele Guzy founded and operates Krazy For Kats, Inc., an all-volunteer, non-profit “no-kill” animal rescue that is dedicated to saving the lives of the millions of cats and kittens living on the streets of Los Angeles.

Growing up in Alaska, Michele was always surrounded by animals. When she moved to Los Angeles in 1986 she joined the health field by becoming a Certified Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Instructor, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. She soon became aware of the plight of homeless cats in Los Angeles and she wanted to help.

Michele started working with the top rescue groups and organizations, such as Best Friends NKLA, the ASPCA and FixNation to help cut back on the stray cat population. Despite having three cats and three dogs of her own, she has opened her home to fostering kittens and cats before getting them adopted to their forever families.

Every week, Krazy for Kats goes to the City and County Shelters in Los Angeles to rescue as many cats as they can and bring them into the rescue. They are working hard to make L.A. a city of No More Homeless Pets! “We are trying to get the euthanasia rates down in the shelters,” says Michele. “Cats are euthanized the most because there are so many of them. 75 to 80% of the cats that go in the shelter are killed because they just don't have enough room.”

During “kitten season” people often find baby kittens and bring them to the shelter. Unfortunately, if a rescue doesn't come by to save them then the kittens are usually put down. The shelters simply don't have the manpower to bottle feed the young babies or watch them overnight. There are literally thousands put down every single day. “We do our best to pull from the shelter to get them out of the system and put them into foster care,” says Michele. “It's all about spay and neuter. If people could just take the time to spay and neuter their pets, we wouldn't have such a large population out here.”

This year, Krazy For Kats will be opening the 1st Non-Profit Cat Cafe in the San Fernando Valley called, MystiCat Café. Cat Cafes are basically nice adoption centers where all the cats are free roaming – that means no cages. The idea started in Japan because people weren't allowed to have pets in their homes. Now the idea has spread to America. “It's a place where you can come in, grab a cup of coffee or tea and then go mingle with all of the cats,” says Michele. “The cats are all up for adoption and it's a unique place for people to come and play with 15-20 kitties at one time. People really like Cat Cafes because they can interact one on one with the cats and it tends to also be very therapeutic for the soul.”

Michele will focus on bringing “special needs cats” that are born with deformities, have an amputated leg or are blind to MystiCat Café. It's about saving lives and according to her, “There's tons of these lovable critters out there that may look a little different, but make the most wonderful pets if just given a second chance.”

The MystiCat Cafe will also feature classes for new owners and their adopted fur babies. You will learn cat behavior, feeding, nutrition, basically all you need to do to take care of them. Michele also does animal communication workshops and people will be able to come to MystiCat Café and experience energy healing with animals, Reiki and meditation. “Cats are not just animals, they are very spiritual beings and they do sense things,” says Michele. “It's just going to be a cool thing for people to come and do. Bringing cats and people together – it's a unique bond.”

The mascot for MystiCat Cafe is Mr. Cowboy, a 4 year old munchkin cat born with very short legs, and back legs that are completely turned in. He's a beautiful black cat, and he may look funny, but he has the sweetest disposition! Michele says Mr. Cowboy just loves everyone he meets and will be the official greeter at the Cat Café.

MystiCat Café is currently crowdfunding to raise money to open their doors in a few months. Since they are a non-profit, all contributions are tax deductible and 100% of the funds go into caring for the kitties in the center.

For more information on Krazy for Kats and MystiCat Café or to make a donation, log onto

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