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Kathy Griffin at the Kodak Theatre

Celebrity gossip is one thing. But comedian Kathy Griffin takes it to a whole new level. And that level is hilarious. Griffin recently played her celeb-bashing brand of standup at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood . Talking about everyone from Liza Minelli’s antics to Oprah’s expanding waistline, Griffin kept her audience in stitches.

Griffin began performing in the early 1980s with the Los Angeles improv comedy troupe, The Groundlings. She went on to perform stand-up comedy as a solo act. But Kathy’s big break came in 1996, when she was cast as the smart ass co-worker of Brooke Shields' title character on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan.

These days Kathy is the star of her own Emmy- winning reality series, Life on the D-List. In it she makes fun of her wanna-be celebrity/media whore status as compared to A-List stars, and she also discusses the talk shows she has been “banned” from because of her outspoken act (Ellen, Letterman, Leno etc.). Some of Griffin’s antics on the show have been to be a “red-headed Oprah” by standing in a poor urban areas handing out hundreds of dollars to random women, and trying to sneak in a picture of Hilary Clinton by walking behind her at an event for Irish-Americans. But Griffin has also pushed the envelope by performing for the troops in Iraq and at a prison for incarcerated men and women.

Kathy’s favorite celebrity topics are plastic surgery, Scientology, drunkenness, substance abuse, snooty attitudes,eating disorders, and stars whose sexual orientationis disputed. Among Griffin's staples are Clay Aiken, Barbara Walters, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Gwyneth Paltro, Star Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan.

As a big fan of Kathy’s, I was excited to watch her comedy live in action. And she did not disappoint. What’s great about Kathy is she knows how to make fun of herself while making fun of others. The first part of the act was talking about how she had been banned from the TV show the View - again.

Kathy had first been banned from the View for telling Barbara Walters that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding was shotgun as compared to her own to Matt Moline because while they were both planning to give gifts to charity instead of receiving wedding presents, Zeta-Jones was pregnant, while Kathy was not. ( Moline and Griffin have since divorced.) And loose cannon Kathy has since been “re-banned” from the View for her outspoken opinions.

Kathy then went on to talk about how she hung out with Liza Minelli, and how she was so thrilled to meet the star who greeted her with open arms. She then shifted to making fun of Britney Spears’s craziness and then how Dr, Phil was preening himself as a psychiatrist to Spears, even though he has no qualifications.

The next part of the act was dedicated to Kathy’s love life. Last year on the D-List, Kathy went on a series of media-friendly dates, but had no real success of press for them. But recently Kathy began dating billionaire Steve Wozniak, and boy did that make the news! But Kathy isn’t too big to make fun of her man. In the act, she did a hilarious spoof of how he talks like a robot and how he is oblivious about the celebrity life that Kathy lives.

Kathy may thinks she’s on the D-List, but her comedy is definitely A-List quality. And no matter what she celebs she bashes, she is sure to keep her fans laughing until they cry.

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