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Marketing your business online can be tough in today's ultra competitive market. It can be even more challenging for women entrepreneurs. Enhanced and value-added digital marketing hits the sweet spot to grow and expand a business. Creating and maintaining an online presence on social media is key to connecting with customers. That's where J Squared Communications comes in.

Based out of the San Fernando Valley, J Squared Communications is a full service digital marketing agency that takes their client's online presence from concept to production. They specialize in social media, blogs, email marketing and web content, and they also produce events and do influencer marketing. Their focus is on women-run businesses within the fields of health and wellness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Jessica Joy Reveles is the founder of J Squared Communications. She brings 15 years of integrated marketing experience to the table. And she quite literally pulled herself up by her bootstraps and created her business from scratch.

“In 2016 my family was homeless,” she explains. “We lived in a shelter for families. Through a program partnership with the shelter and Pepperdine University I applied and got into a program that completed an entrepreneurship certification and business plan. My goals were initially to go from rock bottom to being able to support my family through my business. The next goal was to build a team and create a company that is by women, for women and in support of women.”

J Squared Communications wants to encourage women entrepreneurs, and clients are often spot leaders, authors, public figures, solo-entrepreneurs, speakers, co-chairs and service providers. They also work with e-commerce and product based businesses. An example of who they might represent is a fitness coach who works to shape your body, a retail cosmetic company or a restaurant that specializes in healthy food.

This full service digital agency creates a strong social media presence. That encompasses daily scheduled posts, copy and images for web pages, Facebook advertising and promotional links. They engage their client's audience directly with newsletters, eblasts, blogs, promotions, and other types of downloadable content.

J Squared Communications also posts articles, original content, blog content along with a soft sell of offers and promotional content of their clients. “We come up with original ideas with in-depth research and fact checking on the topic,” says Jessica Joy. “Then we use the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of our posts are value added content which is meant to entertain, delight, educate, and inform. The other 20 percent is to promote the product or service.”

Jessica Joy has deep knowledge in the health and wellness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle fields. “I really believe in value added content, content that is relevant, entertaining, informative and meaningful to people in the context of their lives,” she says. “That's what people want to see. They want a company or brand that actually cares about what's going on in their life and has relevance and meaning.”

To further support women in business, J Squared Communications sponsors She's the Boss Events – an exclusive women's networking, mastermind + pop-up shop event series held every first Friday in the San Fernando Valley. The first two-hours are the pop-up shop where local businesses can come and present their products and services. Then the women enjoy brunch and mimosas along with a special series, where two women entrepreneurs speak on business topics that are educational, informative and entertaining. There are also giveaways and of course, networking! It's a platform for professional women to be seen, heard, embraced, and celebrated.

For more information on She's the Boss Events log onto

For more information on J Squared Communications call (323) 920-9294, email or log onto

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