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Holiday Beauty and Health

The holidays are fast approaching, and beauty and style trends are at the forefront. After all, looking good makes you feel good too. And that's what this time of year is all about.

During the festive season, beauty trends are full of extra sparkle, glitter, metallics or hi-shine gloss.

One way to boost your look is with tinsel lashes – yep, you heard that right. Regina Talpa is a makeup Instagram star from Sweden who regularly posts gorgeous pics of her of sparkly, glossy eye makeup looks. Talpa applies tinsel to her lash line similarly to how you’d apply individual lashes.

Gold is everywhere this season, especially with your eye makeup. At fashion shows, models are strutting their stuff down the runway with gold leafing on their eyelids, a sultry golden smoky eye, or even sparkly gold liner on their top lids. Talk about heavy metal!

Rihanna is getting into the holiday spirit. Fenty Beauty is offering some amazing frosted metal lipsticks. There are two new sets of shimmer trios, Snow Daze and Snow Nights, with bold and bright colors.

PÜR Cosmetics is all about their holiday makeup collection inspired by our favorite villain-turned-hero, The Grinch! Try the “Good Enough to Steal” face palette and color-changing lip balm. The palette offers 10 shadow shades in matte, shimmer, and glitter, as well as a “Feeling Frosty” highlighter and “Heart of a Who” blush. The lip balm looks green, but transforms into pink once applied.

Men want to look good too and there are many ways the holidays celebrate him! Dollar Shave Club is the most widely-known and popular razor and grooming supply subscription service. They offer high-quality products at affordable prices. You can choose the frequency of your deliveries, exactly which items you want to get, and cancel at any time. They are more than just razors – you can get shower products, hair care, toothpaste – even wipes.

Style is all about fashion, so here's a few clothing trends for him and her this season.

For Him: Cover up with a Mac coat. It’s hard to beat them for versatility in winter. Mac coats keep you warm, but the best part about them is their ability to keep the rain away.

Cardigans are an essential men's winter wardrobe staple. Get a thick weave, colored in a neutral tone, and match it with casual clothes and sneakers.

A beanie is your ticket to warm ears and a better outfit once it gets chilly, and is an essential trend.

For Her: The waxed ski jacket has made its way from the slopes to the runway. Style it with slacks and heels for the office and you are ski-tastic!

Forget typical handware, extra-long sleeves are the perfect alternative to gloves. Feel free to tap away on your phone.

Puffer coats are now super chic. More than just down feathers and insulation, this season's styles run the gamut from flashy to feathery.

It's all about placement. Don't pack away your summer dresses, just layer them with a knit turtleneck and voila – cosy but fresh fun!

The 90's are still fashionable, so celebrate the era with platforms. You'll look stylish and stay dry all at the same time.

Dancing, dancing, dancing! Who isn't hooked on shows like “Dancing with the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance?” But did you know there are some amazing spots where you and your significant other can learn the Cha Cha or the Tango right here in the Valley? It's the perfect way to ring in the holidays.

Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood has hosted just about every big name in the music biz, from Madonna to Michael Jackson. Brush up on hip-hop, dancehall funk, burlesque jazz, and more. Single classes are just $11, and unlimited monthly passes are $230.

Karina Smirnoff has been quoted as saying: “Life is a dance and dance is life. It is a wedding of movement to the music.” Try an introductory private lesson at the Karina Smirnoff Dance Studio in Woodland Hills. $20 for 30 minutes. For modern dudes, appearance is key – and guys are spending more money on beauty products and clothes than the girls do! The secret is feeling sexy and confident – and that includes maintaining a groomed body. In fact, as many as 95 percent of guys “manscape” their body hair. The word “manscaping” actually is an umbrella term for the overall upkeep done on facial hair, chest hair and more. This includes shaving, waxing, trimming, plucking or even removing it with laser treatments. But you don't have to break out a razor, as there are plenty of places to get this done.

Project Beauty Spa and Wax Studio in Pasadena offers an array of men's treatments. Try the Gentleman's Facial, catering to common concerns such as ingrown hairs from shaving, black heads and breakouts. “Twigs & Berries” manscaping cleans up around the legs, inner thigh and up the top. And the De-Stress Facial soothes and softens the complexion.

A new answer to removing unwanted hair is Sugaring. Sugaring is less abrasive and painful than waxing and provides a clean, smooth result which can last for weeks, and in some cases months. Hair regrowth is finer and thinner and with regular maintenance, it becomes a more comfortable treatment. Try it at the Sweetest Skin Co. in Newhall. Or let them come to you – they also offer mobile services.

Your hair can make a statement at any holiday party. Here's a few ideas:

The textured ponytail. Start by using a wand to add texture to the hair, curling away from the face. Then pull your hair back, then tie off using a neutral-colored hair tie. From there, add dry texture spray to the ends of the hair. Then take a wide tooth comb and push hair at the top of the head up towards the roots from the end, adding volume and height at the crown.

Effortless waves are easily attainable and perfect for any occasion. Opt for a larger curling iron so curls fall loose around your face, and instead of twirling each section in the same direction, alternate with different sections of hair.

The modern take on the French twist is chic and fabulous. Pin the hair into three sections – the top, middle and bottom. Add dry shampoo to absorb some of the hair's oils and to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean.Then, take the middle section, twisting it up and securing it with bobby pins to hold hair in place. From there, grab the bottom section, repeat twisting the hair up and pin it into the middle section. Finally, grab the top section and pull it over the middle and bottom sections, give it another twist and secure it with pins.

Liquor and wine go hand in hand with the holidays. Holiday parties mean one thing: Imbibing with friends and family. Some traditional holiday drink recipes are great on their own, but adding a little booze can make it better!

Hot chocolate uses bittersweet or milk chocolate and is combined with hot water, milk and heavy cream. Jack Daniel's whiskey is the perfect alcohol to pair with it. Want something sweeter? Top it with a candy cane and a bit of peppermint schnapps. And don't forget the marshmallows!

Cranberries are super popular during the holidays. Cranberries are tart, but have a lovely red color that brightens up your table. Add vanilla vodka to cranberry juice along with mulling spices, for the perfect Christmas and New Years drink! Or turn this into a mulled wine by adding red wine instead of the vanilla vodka.

Hot buttered rum is filled with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves and tastes great!

Of course the most popular holiday drink is eggnog. Whip up a bunch of raw eggs and cream and pour the finished mixture into a punch bowl. For a kick, add bourbon, spiced rum and Cognac and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Holiday memories are a vital part of this time of year. Take a step up from your smartphone and capture the moment with a upscale camera. You can find an array of options at Hooper Camera & Imaging in Thousand Oaks. They offer tripods, digital and video cameras, lenses, filters, photo frames, memory cards, batteries and more.

If you need some help getting started, you can take a photography class from Samy's Camera, which is located in various spots in Los Angeles. Photo schools are for all levels. Try your hand with classes on Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and the basics of Canon.

Looking good on the outside begins with doing good on the inside. That's why it's perfect to shop healthy and organic.

Take your time in the produce section. It's the most important spot in the store, and you can choose from an array of colorful fruits and vegetables. Whole grains are key. Whole-wheat bread and pastas, brown rice, grain mixes, quinoa, bulgur, and barley will get your family on the right path. Two servings of fish a week is recommended by The American Heart Association, and salmon is the most popular choice. Frozen fruits and vegetables are the perfect way to help fill in your produce shopping, especially in winter. And don't forget dairy. Dairy foods are an excellent source of bone-building calcium and vitamin D.

Erewhon Organic Grocer in Calabasas makes it their mission to make healthy, pure, nutrient-rich foods and products available to all and to inspire people to eat better, eat less and live longer. They believe in knowing the organic farmer who grows the crop, the supplier who makes the product, and the shopper who walks through their doors.

Health Nut offers fresh and delicious food, drinks and supplements, which are all locally sourced. This Woodland Hills-based organic happy space is popular with celebrities, fitness experts, casual diners and regulars who come back over and over.

Create a new you just in time for the holidays! You can be happy and healthy, on the inside and out.

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