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Health and Beauty in 2018

It's 2018 and it's time to start your year off right! There are some trends coming down the pipeline that will make you the best version of yourself.

New Makeup Trends Makeup is ever-changing. And there are some new ways to beautify.

Have you ever wanted to channel Ariel? Then try Mermaid Makeup. These looks include gorgeous scale designs, bright shades of blue, and seashell accessories. Apply shimmery, purple eyeshadows on both your lids and brows and a bright blue eyeliner all over your lips as lipstick.

With Pearl Makeup you can incorporate real pearls into your look. Tiny seed pearls and small beads are added to eyes, lips, or even the entire face. Affix these gorgeous accessories with eyelash glue.

Clean cosmetic companies are more and more on trend. These products are mindfully created and produced without any toxicity in the ingredients. Ingredients are ethically sourced and are made to agree with health of our bodies and the environment. 100% Pure offers products to arm your clean beauty arsenal.

All-in-one kits give you a full face of makeup in a small package and are becoming more and more popular. The Tarte Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collectors Set offers 24 eye shadows, two blushers, two bronzers, one highlighter, an eyeliner, a mascara, and a lip paint.

Dry masks are a phenomenon that takes facial care to the next level. Nannette de Gaspé offers "wearable skincare technology" that provides all the benefits of messy sheet masks, minus the mess. Just massage to release the active ingredients, and then relax as the mask reduces wrinkles, smooths, brightens, lifts and hydrates skin. Each mask contains 87 percent active ingredients, including brightening tetrapeptides and wrinkle-fighting marine extracts, dry-printed onto a super-lightweight fabric. And because they are totally dry, you can reuse them!

Beauty oils are a great place to start to create a smooth complexion. Smooth a few drops of the super-hydrating Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil over your face before applying foundation. It absorbs into your skin instantly, and your makeup will blend seamlessly.

Ever tried a facial roller? They de-puff and tighten pores. Many beauty experts are turning to ice rollers – which are kept in the freezer and then gently rolled on the face to soothe and prep tired skin. Try the Esarora Ice Roller for Face and Eye at

Eye Makeup Trends They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So why not dress them up?

Eyelashes should make a statement. There are many options to boost your fringe. By Terry Mascara Terrybly contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to aid in growth.

Eyelash extensions are a huge beauty trend that gives your natural eyelashes more body and volume. StudioLash in Agoura Hills features celebrity lash artist Danielle Asher who specializes in the Novalash technique.

If you can't do the perfect cat eye...then this funky new trend is for you! Bubble Eyeliner breaks all the application rules, and allows makeup lovers everywhere to get creative by drawing supercool circular patterns on your lash line. It's easy – instead of a smooth, straight line, you apply your liquid eyeliner in tiny bubbles.

Somewhere over the rainbow is your perfect look! Rainbow lashes are it. Many celebrities are sporting this colorful style. Rainbow falsies are the easiest option, but you can also use colored lash extensions or created your own mascara with rainbow eye shadows.

Lip Art Your kissables are an integral part of your beauty routine. So dress them up!

Lip Powder provides a silky soft matte metallic finish. This formula contains pearlized pigments to catch light and give your lips a full, luminous look. The powder can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick for enhanced luster. Sephora Collection Lip Powder is available at

The newest lip trend is velvet. Makeup artist Jessica Ferrelli created the look when she shared two snaps of her creations on Instagram, and they are amazing – she uses real velvet to produce the style!

One-and-done lip masks will give you that coveted pout. These bio-cellulose masks are packed with hyaluronic acid, helping to soothe and smooth dry lips. Try Rodial Dragon’s Blood Plumping Lip Mask at

Caviar Lips are the next evolution of style. It was most recently spotted on makeup artist Vlada Haggerty's Instagram, and features a textured finish. The look is made using caviar-like 3D embellishments such as tiny beads, pearls, or sequins (not actual fish eggs).

See you later matte lipsticks! Hello lip stains! Unlike gloss or lipstick, stains leave pigment on your lips for long-lasting color that fades naturally over time. Try Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain which offers a high-shine finish at

Hair Trends Your tresses are a huge focus of your style. So treat them right.

Be a kid again with sticker hair! Created by NYC hairstylist Allen Thomas Wood and touted on Instagram, this creative style was put together using tiny, colorful stickers. Wood used the tail of a comb to press the stickers into smooth, slicked-back hair. And there are other playful hair trends out there – including holographic hues and Unicorn Frappuccino hair!

Color melts are highlights that blend into your base color. They are darker on top and fade lighter towards the ends. They add shades of color, letting locks sport a sun-kissed look. It’s extremely versatile, too — it works for blonde, red, or brown hair. And it's especially wearable if your hair is styled in beachy waves.

Nail Trends Spice up your fingers with unique and pretty nails.

If you constantly smudge your freshly painted nails, Londontown's Instant Smudge Fix has you covered. With this revolutionary formula you can now transform any mistake into a smudge-free nail finish. It goes on in just a few strokes and dries quickly. Just fix and go.

Shattered Glass Nail Art manicure transforms nails into a diamonds or glass look. And there are many ways to interpret it — you can do it against white, black or colors like deep blue, burgundy, and red.

Negative space, geometric prints, and minimalist accent nails will be more popular than ever.

Health Trends Here are a few ways to treat your body right.

Moringa is a super-green touted as a powerful inflammation fighter. The buzzy veggie tastes great and you'll find it in everything from nutrition bars and protein powders to juices and kombucha.

“Skin-barrier-supporting” serums anticipate environmental stressors and imbalances your skin encounters over the day. They use ingredients like lipids, ceramides, adaptogens, and even live bacteria to fortify your skin.

You need to take time for yourself. Meditation will calm and destress your mind and body. Relax with apps like Meditation Studio, Calm, or Headspace.

Therapy offers a comprehensive and comfortable format in which patients can learn to deal with their psychological issues. Therapy provides a nurturing, non-judgmental viewpoint that can teach you methods of how to deal with your particular problem or situation. Dr. Edward Giaquinto, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist that has been treating patients in California since 1990. Dr. Giaquinto's practice is located at 22900 Ventura Boulevard. #125, in Woodland Hills. Contact him for an appointment at (818) 618-8830 or at

Women are finding it easier and easier to take care of their bodies. Eve Kit allows you to screen for STIs from your own bathroom, and delivery services like Nurx brings birth control to your doorstep. Period tracking app MyFLO gets you in sync with your cycle, and contraceptive app Natural Cycles is as effective at preventing pregnancy as the pill – when it's used correctly.

Feed your brain! Nootropic supplements reduce brain fog and stress levels by altering the supply of neurochemicals, enzymes, or hormones in the brain.

A good night's sleep will keep your body regulated and healthy. Eight Sleep's popular Smart Cover allows you to see your nightly data and sleep trends, set the right temperature, connect your bed to other smart products, and even wake up at the perfect time every morning. There are three different mattresses to choose from.

Food Trends Delish and healthy! Here's the best new foodie trends.

Yogurt is going nutty – with nut milk that is. Amande creates a completely dairy and guilt-free treat from their cultured almond milk.

Gut health is key to overall vitality in the body. The digestive system is home to almost 80% of the body’s immune system – it wards off disease and pathogens. To create gut health, the best strategy is to incorporate a variety of fermented products into your diet.

Love fried food but not the grease? Air fryers have grown in popularity, and so have diet-friendly recipes! The Philips Airfryer allows you to prepare healthier versions of your family’s favorite foods by frying them with a tablespoon or less of oil and draining excess fat while cooking.

“Plant Proteins” are a climbing in popularity. There are plenty of meat alternatives, including lentils, hemp, and quinoa.

You know about the benefits of green juice – but gray juice? It's popping up in juice bars. Activated charcoal “detox” drinks are made with real charcoal that’s been heated to increase its adsorptive power. It helps the body detoxify, improving digestion, skin health, energy, and more.

High-tech devices will soon make their way to your kitchen. One to watch out for is spectrometers, which use light to detect whether a product has gluten or if fruit is ripe.

Intermittent fasting, which involves cycling between fasting and non-fasting to encourage weight loss and maintenance, is going mainstream.

Fitness Trends There are some amazing ways top get your sweat on.

Streaming fitness programs and apps give you plenty of options for exercising in your living room. No matter what kind of workout you enjoy, there's a program that can deliver. All you need is an internet connection to stream workouts to your computer, mobile device or TV. While some of these programs come with a price tag, several are completely free and most cost less than a month's gym membership. Move over, yoga mats and yoga pants – yoga wheels are the new prop in town. The yoga wheel can be used tons of different ways, and offers benefits, including back/shoulder/chest opening and quad/hip flexor stretching.

DNA testing has become more popular than ever. Genetic testing can tell you more about the way you’re built, so that you can tailor your fitness routine to your individual needs.

From the FitBit to the Apple Watch, wearable technology, specifically in fitness classes, continues to expand.

Manscaping Manscaping is the removal of facial and body hair for cosmetic effect – men have to look good too!

Never shave dry! Shower gels work well, and shave oils soften hair and protect skin.

The 'Boyzilian' is the male equivalent of the female 'Brazilian.' It involves hair being removed from the nether regions. Once you've waxed, you can count on around three full weeks of smoothness.

The man bun involves the tying of one’s hair into a single bun to be placed upon the crown area of the head. This trend is so huge that you can actually buy faux buns for guys who don't have long enough hair!

It's time to look good, feel good and be good! Thrive and be happy in 2018!

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