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Hard Summer 2017

Hard Summer 2017 is a fun and funky music festival with a multitude of talented performers. There is everything from rap, hip hop, house and DJs spinning tunes to rev up the crowd. Hard Summer has become synonymous with larger-than-life performances, educated party people, stunning productions, and the brightest rising stars. Two artists to look out for at Hard Summer this year are rapper and hip hop artist Problem, and musician and DJ Egyptian Lover.

With an array of club-friendly tracks under his belt, Problem has made a name for himself as a hip hop artist and rap star to be reckoned with. Problem is gearing up to drop his new single “Get On It” on August 11 and he will be playing it for the first time live at Hardfest. He’s also collaborated on several tracks with Gary Richards (performing under his G-house alias Destructo), who is the founder of this national music festival. Problem describes himself as hardcore, and he truthfully represents himself, with the musical chops to prove it. All of his music represents something different about himself and captures time capsules in his life.

This is Problem's fourth performance at the Hard Summer Festival. “I just want to get out there and rock it,” he says. “It's my story, my thoughts, my views. It's me and it has to make a difference. I want to stand out.”

Problem cites his influences are NWA and the Compton rappers. He's also worked with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, Pharrel Williams, Kendrick Llamar and Snoop Dogg, who helped give Problem his first shot and is also performing at the festival. Check out the set!

Egyptian Lover is a DJ hailing from Los Angeles. He has DJ'd dances as large as 10,000 people. He began recording in 1982 as a member of the Radio Crew. Egyptian Lover got into the music business when his brother, who plays the sax, turned him on how to listen to the full aspects of a song – with baselines, drums and background vocals. “I learned how to make a song, and that started me out as a DJ,” he says.

Egyptian Lover cites his influences as a combo of Kraft Werk and Prince. He uses analog equipment exclusively because he loves the sound. You can check out his stylings on his album 1984, and of course his set at Hard Summer! “I'm looking forward to Hard Summer. When people are dancing in a crowd and partying it inspires me to make more music and become a better performer and artist,” he says. “I'm going to rock the crowd!”

Hard Summer Festival takes place on Aug. 5 – 6. This year marks Hard Summer's 10th anniversary.

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