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Green Galactic

Green is a lucky color for Lynn Tejada and her creatively-driven public relations company – aptly named Green Galactic.

Lynn grew up with a deep passion for all things artistic, especially film and music. That led to her getting a degree from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Television Production.

At it's birth, Green Galactic started out as a house and techno record pool – and it was called Green House. Lynn is obsessed with the color green; and of course “house” made sense because of the musical direction of the company. As time went on, Lynn evolved into producing live events. A DJ friend of Lynn's suggested a new moniker that was truly out of this world – Green Galactic!

“The music we were primarily working with was House and Techno,” says Lynn. “Much of the imagery and design has to do with outer space or intergalactic themes so it sounded awesome to me!”

Lynn's husband is musician John Tejada, and he joked that the unique name change might be profitable in and of itself! ”He told me that he totally could see Richard Bramson trying to buy our URL,” says Lynn with a laugh. “People always tell me it's an interesting and unforgettable name.”

Green Galactic has evolved into a full-service public relations and event planning firm. Her clients come from all kinds of creative fields, musicians, filmmakers, playwrights, artists and so on. And she is diverse – she doesn't fall into any niche, Lynn does it all! The best part about working in publicity, she says, is the relationships she is constantly building and growing. “I love humans more than you can imagine, I get all my energy and my life force and my meaning of life from friendships and relationships,” she explains. “Because we get to do so many different projects it puts me in touch with an ever-expanding universe. I'm the kind of person that enjoys talking to the checkout person at the grocery store – there's no human I don't enjoy meeting.”

Lynn tries to get to know her clients as deeply as she can. She's worked with amazing artists that are interesting and various. A few standouts include the Corey Helford Gallery, Sculptor Mike Russek, Fiona Horne (author of Witchin' : A Handbook for Teen Witches), Cirque Berzerk, and Latina Dance Theater Project.

And Lynn loves what she does. She's a huge fan of creativity but her true talent lies in the fact that she knows her way around a successful PR campaign – she'll get the artist or the performance to the next level. She gets most excited when working with clients who ask for her input and truly collaborate to create the best brand they can be. She also loves to meet her clients in person. “I love the clients that share their energy with me. Sometimes I find out things that I hadn't even identified as a goal,” she says. “It's really fun when I get to dig in. I also love working directly with the creative – the musician or the filmmaker or the playwright, you just mainline into the person.”

The most life-changing event for Lynn and Green Galactic was a concert they sponsored featuring electronic musicians Autechre in 1996. To their shock, and of course, happiness, the event became the biggest performance they had ever created. “We just had no idea how many people might be fans of Autechre and it turned out – many. It was just epic, I will never forget it,” says Lynn. “I still have people come up to me today and be like I was at that concert, it was such a big deal in the electronic dance music world. I remember dancing and listening to them on the stage performing and I almost felt like I had an out of body experience.”

Green Galactic is celebrating 25 years in business – with, what else – an underground warehouse techno party! John Tejada and duo supergroup PLAID from Warped records are performing on June 21 at Warehouse 1720, 1720 E 16th St Los Angeles!

“My clients can tell that I'm a genuine and enthusiastic person,” says Lynn. “Each campaign is unique. I'm always networking, but I enjoy it, I like seeing and supporting art whether it's a client, a friend or even a stranger. I'm involved and engaged and immersed in Los Angeles!”

For more information on Green Galactic call (213) 840-1201 or log onto

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