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Ferris Optical

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So dressing them up with a beautiful pair of prescription glasses is the perfect way to frame your face.

Ferris Optical is a very unique retail prescription eyeglasses dispensary located in Canoga Park. Their mission is to provide great quality prescription eyeglasses at affordable prices. Management Team member Carlos has more than 25 years’ experience in the Optical industry with a great deal of experience in quality assurance. They have been operating Ferris Optical for more than 6 months as their second retail location (with more to come) and it is a sister store to Eyedeal Optical in North Hollywood.

The retail store carries all kinds of eyeglasses with about 2,000 different styles available on site They have everything from basic and economical glasses to name brands, from stylish to more conservative and even to the outlandish. There are frames for adults, children, for occupational users as well as vintage and modern frames.

How do you choose the frame that will work for you? “You want something that fits your face, and that's compatible with your prescription,” says Brian, one of the members of Ferris Optical. “It should bring out and complement the color in your skin, and the shape of your face. Sometimes you want something that works with your use of the glasses – for work, for social or recreational.”

Why should someone get their eyeglasses from Ferris Optical? “Choice. Quality, Price.. and Turnaround,” says Brian.

What sets Ferris Optical apart is that it has its own optical laboratory to process prescription lenses. Since they are not using an outside lab to make their orders, they are able to have much better control over quality and turnaround. By making the lenses themselves, they also cut out the middle-man and pass the large savings onto the consumer. This gives them an edge over the big box stores, with a personal touch.

Ferris Optical offers everything that's available in prescription eyewear today, including polarized prescription lenses. Polarized lenses are the best sunglasses for the wearer; they cut out glare at the beach, on snow, and are best for driving during the day. “Basically, we are here to help people see better at an affordable price.” Carlos also emphasizes, “we also fill high prescriptions and other types of difficult prescriptions that other providers are not able to do.” Based on their experience, they recommend anti-reflective coating, which reduces glare from oncoming headlights, indoor lighting, and also helps with artificial light from electronic devices. They also offer lenses that block out blue light which has been shown to disrupt our natural sleeping patterns. Of course, they offer these features at a lower price.

Ferris Optical has created a Discount Vison Plan tailored specifically for small and medium businesses from one to 3,000 employees. They work with HR departments to develop plans that provide prescription eyeglasses at huge savings for all covered employees.

Promotions that are available right now at Ferris Optical include two pairs of complete prescription lined bifocals for $150. That includes frames up to $69, lined bifocal lenses in plastic material. They also have two complete pairs of prescription, no line progressive lenses with frames for $250. For children, they have two pairs of complete prescription eyeglasses including frames up to $69, with polycarbonate lenses and single vision lens style for $160. Valid Prescription is required, and some restrictions may apply.

In order to give back to the community, Ferris Optical makes monthly visits to Senior Centers around the Valley and California. They also work with elementary and middle schools in disadvantaged areas and non-profits organizations. Over the years, they have made more than 35,000 pair of eyeglasses for non profits. So if your non-profit organization would like to provide prescription eyeglasses to its participants, contact Ferris Optical to discuss their options.

Remember, eye exams every year will ensure you are seeing properly and check your overall eye health!

Ferris Optical is located at 22323 Sherman Way #14 in Canoga Park. For more information call (818) 886-5447.

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