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Foodies rejoice! Do you have an event or party coming up that you need special eats for? Maybe it's a birthday or anniversary? Or perhaps it's a business-sponsored gala? Then look no further because Elite Catering CA-based out of West Hills is your one-stop catering shop. They will provide you with the most delicious menus and sweet treats for your occasion.

Owner Cashawna Flores discovered love and happiness for food when she was young. Growing up in Los Angeles, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her grandmother Naomi Smith. She not only got to experiment with cooking but also learned practical skills such as gauging the heat of the stove, seasoning, and of course baking with love. "The time we spent in the kitchen was so special to me. I watched [my grandmother literally] create something out of nothing. A little could go a long way."

As well she saw from a young age that eating brings people together, makes you happy, and that everybody celebrates over food.

Cashawna got her start in cuisine by hosting dinner parties. After hearing praise and positive feedback from her family and friends, Cashawna's husband Terrence Robinson encouraged her to put her love for cooking and baking into a catering business. "I thought about [what Terrence had suggested] and I said you're right. I love doing this, it's a passion of mine and so I'm going to go ahead and go for it!" She opened up Elite Catering CA six years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Elite Catering CA has a solid customer base as well as a celebrity clientele. She's covered business events, birthday parties, small weddings, backyard BBQs, baby showers, and private chef events. But what makes catering so special for Cashawna?

"When I'm in the kitchen it's effortless. I feel at home, I feel at peace and it just makes my heart happy. People will taste the love I put into the food when they eat it."

Elite Catering CA offers an amazing array of dishes and sweets. They specialize in pies, custom cakes, and cookie baskets. They also offer amazing savory dishes like braised short ribs with garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp and grits, blackened cod with mac & cheese, and ropa vieja with rice and black beans. They also offer multi-cultural comfort food and Mexican favorites such as taco bars. Elite Catering Ca is a one-stop-shop, and will assist you in planning and catering.

Cashawna's process with new clients is as follows: She starts with a phone consultation where she gets basic information as to what the person is looking for and what kind of event she is catering. Then she meets the client face to face and brings tasting items such as cakes or cookies. If the client wants her to put a menu together she gets to work by creating two specialty menus. The client then chooses between the two offerings.

Wherever you are located – be it Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego Elite Catering CA can create an amazing menu for your next event. All of the food is made from scratch. They also deliver!

Taste the deliciousness yourself at the 15th Annual Food & Wine "100 Cooks!" which is located in the Rose Goldwater Community Center in Warner Center. It's sponsored by the West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce and takes place on October 30th at 5 p.m.

What's next on the horizon for Elite Catering CA? A brick-and-mortar eatery with about 50 to 75 seats. This combination restaurant and bakery will showcase Cashawna's love for creating food and will delight your taste buds.

Get started on planning your next event by calling Elite Catering CA at 818-324-9908 or logging onto

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