• Pamela Froman

Dress Up Your Patio

Having a dream outdoor space is the ultimate luxury for your home. It's the perfect spot to relax as well as entertain.

What kind of layout works on your patio? A large sofa and chairs on one side can create an intimate conversation area. And of course you will need an umbrella towering over a gorgeous large table. Leave part of the space open to encourage mingling.

Eric Han is the owner of Patio Collection in Canoga Park. He strongly suggest getting upscale – yet durable – patio furniture to dress up your backyard. “Furniture enhances all the colors of your patio,” he says. “It's an accent.”

So what's first? To get started in maximizing your outdoor entertainment area, a basic dining set is the way to go. Once you've picked your favorite style and color, great additions include outside coffee tables, a couch, standalone chairs, a durable area rug, firepits and an ottoman. You also might want to consider a built-in bench. And you can't go wrong with chaise lounges to lay down on and sunbathe. Just make sure the metal on your furniture is powder-coated to prevent rust – and for easy maintenance.

Patio Collection offers styles that are great for everyone's taste, and the furniture they sell is of the highest quality. They offer namebrands that are made in the U.S., have warranties and many of the companies they carry have been in business for over 50 years.

Wrought iron and cast iron, wrought or cast aluminum, and traditional wood are classic options for your patio furniture. New synthetic, weatherproof patio furniture and fabrics are also available, with the same style and comfort as anything you might have inside your home.

Visiting Patio Collection is your first step because of their selection and quality. They also provide you a wide range of fabrics and finishes.“A lot of stores tend to focus on one model such as modern or transitional – we have it all,” says Eric. “There's something for grandmas, something for young people, all kinds of furniture.” The store also refrains from a hard sell atmosphere. They let you move among the merchandise with ease so you can pick exactly what you need and want.

Design your patio to be an extension of your home's architecture as well as a lead into your backyard. A pergola covered with luxuriant vines and an abundance of plants in the space will help blend your patio between the indoor and the outdoor landscapes. And if you grill and love eating outdoors, you might want to consider building an outdoor kitchen to go with your gorgeous canopy umbrella, table and chairs. For a smaller space, a round table can be the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere for conversation, and slim folding chairs don’t take up much space yet are comfortable.

It's summer time. Create a patio area with style, flair and of course, comfort!

Patio Collection is located at 7441-A Canoga Ave. in Canoga Park. For more information call them at (818) 772-5100 or log onto

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