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Dr. Shannon Lieberman Kroner

If you are having a hard time, whether it be from anxiety, phobias, struggling in school or at work, or simply feeling bad about yourself, then you need to visit Dr. Shannon Lieberman Kroner. Dr. Kroner specializes in working with her clients strengths to overcome any weaknesses they may have.

Dr. Kroner has a Masters Degree in Special Education, with a focus on Educational Therapy, from CSUN, a Doctorate in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and a Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy Certification from the Center for Advanced Life Skills.

Dr. Kroner offers many therapy services that blend together when working with a client. Her practice is very diverse.

Dr. Kroner uses biofeedback with clients who have anxiety or issues with attention. It works to connect the mind, heart and breath, so that everything is in sync. It also brings down stress levels so the client is a lot more focused. She will often incorporate the use of biofeedback when working with Educational Therapy clients or helping a student with test anxiety. Biofeedback is also a great tool for students who have difficulty with attention.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr. Kroner helps clients look at situations or struggles in their lives from a different perspective. For instance, if someone feels stuck in their life, like they're stuck in a relationship or they have anxiety about a certain issue, a bad habit, or an addiction that they’d like to resolve – she will help them look at the situation from another angle and help them see that they have many other choices in which they may want to approach their issue. Then they can gain the knowledge to move through what is troubling them and let go of it.

So when should someone seek help? Dr. Kroner says it's when you feel helpless or hopeless, or simply need to make a change in life. Maybe you need a push in a different direction or there is something that is holding you back. Dr. Kroner can provide that boost – it's like a shot of extra encouragement.

Another service Dr. Kroner provides is Timeline Therapy. Timeline Therapy works at the unconscious level to help release any negative emotions that someone may be holding on to which interfere in their current life. For instance, let's say you are troubled with an anger management issue like road rage. To help solve this issue, Dr. Kroner puts her clients into a gentle meditative, hypnotic state and helps the client look back through their personal timeline of life. “I have a diagram that I show my clients to help them understand what their timeline may look like,” says Dr. Kroner. “Imagine your life laid out in front of you. The future is in front, the past is behind. It's a linear picture of their life.”

She then leads the patient back to search their unconscious mind. When was the first time that they ever felt that feeling of rage? Where in their life, in their history, has that road rage-esque feeling happened before?

The client may recall a memory and is then instructed to view that specific moment from an outside perspective, as if they’re floating and looking down at the first moment they ever felt the emotion of rage. Then Dr. Kroner instructs them to see that same moment through their own eyes as if they are there, seeing and evaluating everything that went on in that moment from their past. She then instructs them to float above the situation, floating as high as they need to go until that feeling of rage is gone.

“When they are able to view that moment from another perspective they are able to learn from it,” says Dr. Kroner. “After they've gained the knowledge that they need, they are able to take their learnings to a present moment that usually triggers that same feeling – yet after doing Timeline work that feeling is usually gone.” It’s as if the thing that sets them off isn’t there anymore. Timeline Therapy can be used for a number of issues such as anxiety, fears, anger, and sadness.

Hypnotherapy is another strategy that helps patients. It works on anything – general anxiety, test anxiety, motivation or self esteem issues, someone who wants to quit smoking, public speaking, fear of flying, even pregnant women who are fearful of labor or preparing for a C-sections. Dr. Kroner first puts the client at ease and gathers information. “We sit for an hour or two discussing exactly what it is that is troubling them and where they would like to see themselves,” she says. “And then based on all the information I’ve gathered, I create a personalized script for their hypnosis and then I put them into a very mild trance.”

The trance is similar to deep meditation. It is almost like the very relaxed feeling that everyone experiences just before waking or falling asleep. So there is nothing scary about hypnosis. “Most of the time after the first session people are like 'Wow that's really amazing, I already feel different,'” says Dr. Kroner.

Confidence coaching can help boost your self esteem. Dr. Kroner usually incorporates many of her therapy techniques such as hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming when helping a client build confidence and self-esteem.

“We have a society with a lot of expectations. So when someone feels that they aren’t meeting what’s expected of them, it produces a lack of self-esteem,” says Dr. Kroner. “People need that extra boost of confidence.” Dr. Kroner especially enjoys working with teens, college students, and mothers who struggle with self-esteem because she enjoys helping them see the many great qualities that each individual possesses.

Dr. Kroner also enjoys Career Path Discovery and Career Coaching. This is usually for someone who is unsure which direction they want to go in or have decided to make a career change. During the first session she interviews the client and has them discuss all their skills and job experience. She also asks about any passions they have and what they are really good at. Based on all this information, she then creates a professional resume, helps them draft a cover letter, and assists with a job search.

If you need help with your confidence or are ready to make a change in life, reach out and build a relationship with Dr. Kroner. She can help you create a new you! Her practice is located at 21241 Ventura Blvd. #187 Woodland Hills. Text her at (310) 560-1331 or call her (747) 231-7323. For more information log on to

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