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Dr. Giaquinto, Ph.D.

Therapy offers a comprehensive and comfortable format in which patients can learn to deal with their psychological issues. This can include clinical problems such as depression or bipolar disorder, or simply needing a safe space in which to talk.

Dr. Giaquinto, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist that specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. CBT works with individuals who experience disorders like OCD, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, eating disorders, weight loss, insomnia, substance abuse/addictions and specific phobias. Dr. Giaquinto has been treating patients in California since 1990.

Why should someone seek out therapy? If you are unhappy, or your life has been altered in a stressful way, your anxiety and depression can hurt your relationships, such as your family or job. Disorders such as bipolar, dementia, agoraphobia or schizophrenia can have a devastating effect. But therapy can help – it provides a nurturing, non-judgmental viewpoint that can teach you methods of how to deal with your particular problem or situation.

Dr. Giaquinto offers techniques like how to deliberate rationally as opposed to emotionally, coping skills, anxiety management, social skills, and organization. “We treat how to think healthier by changing thinking and behavior. Thus, we can get rid of the unhealthy emotion,” he says. “However you have to understand what your patient is going through before you can come up with a treatment plan.”

This treatment plan can include how often the patient needs to come in, and often determines how hard the patient is willing to work. As well, the rapport between doctor and patient is vital. Dr. Giaquinto makes it a priority to be available, either in person, phone, email or text.

A unique way he reaches out to patients is as the creator and administrator of a California based Telehealth network. Dr. Giaquinto provides treatment to patients throughout the entire state of California via Video Conferencing Technology. There are 12 offices, ranging from Fresno to San Diego. He created this video “office” after being sought out for a research concept that was doing clinical trials through video in hospitals. Seeing how well the process worked, he took that concept and ran with it. The video therapy is perfect for patients in the entertainment industry or who have a job that requires travel. It allows them to continue therapy – even if they are on vacation! “I said 'this would be fabulous to do in my practice because there are so many people who can't get access to a doctor,'” he says. “You get a roller coaster of enthusiasm and your patients start to get better.”

So how does one begin the therapy process? Education is a great place to start. “People need to learn about the disorder they have, and how it works,” says Dr. Giaquinto. “Educating patients provides a bigger grasp on the specific techniques to work on or eliminate their disorder. You learn how to think differently, and prevent unhealthy behavior.”

In other words, the mind is like a computer. You change that thought or command by learning how to change your programming or reaction. This enables you to push through into a healthier and happier thought process, which in turn creates a more positive outlook. Through cognitive restructuring the doctor teaches you how to restructure your thinking. He learns your behavior and teaches you how to deal with it in a healthy and rational way. Each session build off the previous one. “It's like a set of stairs – you master each technique and then a new technique builds on it to create rational thoughts, and you learn how to think healthier,” he says.

Many people are depressed in the holiday season. But these feelings are often merely a symptom of a bigger issue. The holidays simply relight that flame and cause you to focus on it. So if you are feeling unhappy or if there is a bigger issue at stake, seek out help! Therapy is a positive and effective way to make you feel better. Dr. Edward Giaquinto's private practice is located at 22900 Ventura Boulevard. #125, in Woodland Hills. Contact him for an appointment at (818) 618-8830 or through email at For more information, log onto

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