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Dr. Edmond “Eddie” Ahdoot

Your smile says so much about you – so take care of it! Visiting a dentist can make all the difference. Dr. Edmond “Eddie” Ahdoot creates a fantastic dental experience for his patients. With both advanced technology and a gentle and friendly style, Dr. Eddie offers a welcoming and effective atmosphere.

Dr. Eddie earned his doctorate of dental surgery at Howard University. He then completed his residency at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey where he gained extensive training in pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, implantology and endodontics. Dr. Ahdoot has also taken courses in implant placement and esthetic restoration. He opened his practice in Woodland Hills in 2017.

Dr. Ahdoot became a dentist because it's truly a hands on and rewarding profession. “Dentistry is artistic – it's something that requires a specific touch,” he explains. “With a gorgeous smile you feel more confident – whether it's going out for a job interview or going on dates.”

Dentistry can change lives. Dr. Eddie had a patient who was being ridiculed because of her smile. She had a condition called malocclusion and her teeth were yellow and worn. Dr. Eddie diagnosed a combination of veneers and crowns for her. “I hadn't even finished and cemented them, when I showed her in the mirror,” he says. “She started crying. That was a pivotal moment for me personally.”

Complete dental care includes the latest dental technologies, techniques, and equipment. Dr. Eddie offers such procedures as cleanings, filings, x-rays, veneers – which are to the teeth similar to that of acrylics on nails, implants – the closest prosthetic to natural teeth, crowns – which replace lost tooth structure and restore its shape and form, whitening, dental bonding, and Invisilign to give patients a new smile. He also offers a 24-hour emergency service where patients can contact him if they are having an issue such as a toothache, intense pressure, cracked tooth or a broken filling.

What else sets Dr. Eddie apart? His practice is all digital – with digital x-rays, laser dentistry, and intra-oral cameras. And he believes in explaining exactly what is going on with your teeth in simple terminology that is direct and easy to understand. “I am a physician, I'm here for your care, but I want patients to get what's going on in their mouth.” he says. “For example, let's say you have a tooth that's wiggling. I'll use an analogy like a tree. Roots are typically in solid ground. In this case your solid ground is missing. Patient involvement is important – I care what you have to say.”

And indeed, patients say that Dr. Eddie is friendly, open, caring, and intelligent. They feel comfortable in his practice, and they understand their treatment and what they need to do on their end to make sure that their dental health is continued for many years to come. Don't forget, dental care is more than just regular checkups. It begins at home. “Flossing is your best friend. It's the wisest investment you can make,” says Dr. Eddie. “It gets in between the teeth, it's where your tooth brush can't go. Use floss.”

Dr. Eddie is new to the Valley and looking to grow his dental family. He is offering a new patient special of $97 for a comprehensive exam, check up xrays and cleaning. Dr. Eddie's practice is located at 6342 Fallbrook Ave, #202 in Woodland Hills. For more information call (818) 883-2173 or log onto

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