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Dolphin Discovery

Have you ever wanted to swim with the dolphins – one of the ocean's most majestic creatures? Then check out Dolphin Discovery in Puerto Vallarta. Dolphin Discovery offers a unique way to have a close encounter with these amazing marine mammals. With the best habitats in the world, a real commitment to the conservation and animal welfare, Dolphin Discovery takes our oceanic, marine and terrestrial friendships to the next level!

Dolphin Discovery was born when the founders, Lewis Brewer and Mike Wood, met Mr. John Olson and invited him to open a habitat at Villa Pirata, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo. In November of the same year, they began the first interactive program with marine mammals at the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

The dolphins at Dolphin Discovery are bottled nose and can reach swim speeds of 35 km/h. Their length is between two and nine meters, with a streamlined body, an elongated nose and a spiracle respiratory hole at the top of their heads. Every five to eight minutes, dolphins must emerge to breathe. They live in groups of 12 – commonly called pods.

Dolphins have rescued swimmers in danger, bringing them back to the surface; this loyalty behavior is also toward the members of their pod. Males can reach reproductive maturity at the age of 11 and females at the age of 12. Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent species on the planet. Dolphins talk, dance and jump to communicate and orientate themselves.

Dolphin Discovery offers a variety of aquatic activities with these amazing creatures, along with panoramic views and the best attractions.

Dolphin Royal Swim is undoubtedly the best interactive dolphin program out there, that can be described with the words “excitement” and “action.” Two dolphins welcome you with a warm handshake and a gentle kiss; later, they invite you to take a walk holding their fins. The most exciting moment of this program is the foot-push when you feel the strength of your new friends propelling you on the water, using the soles of your feet. This, for sure, will be the happening of your lifetime!

Enjoy a series of activities with Dolphin Swim Adventure that will give you an unforgettable experience. A dolphin will welcome you, followed by a couple of rides on a boogie board and then on these gentle creatures' tummies. Take advantage of free time to play and interact with your new friend, get your goggles and enter the underwater world. Admire your dolphin's turns and speed where he'll show you incredible agility. You will love it!

Discover the best kept secrets of dolphins in a safe and fun-filled environment with the Dolphin Encounter. The intelligence and friendliness these wonderful marine mammals possess make them ideal for children of all ages.

Dolphin Discovery also has friendly sea lions and manatees under their care. Habitats​ like Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Puerto Aventuras, are the home of these magnificent species.Dolphin Discovery​ is the only place where you can interact with three wonderful marine mammals.

In addition to Puerto Vallarta, Dolphin Discovery offers habitats in the Mexican Caribbean, Mexico City and Pacific Area, Los Cabos Caribbean Islands, Panama City Beach Florida and Jamaica. Come join the dolphins for a swim!

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