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Destination Science

Destination Science is the perfect day camp that teaches your kids about science while fueling their everyday lives. A typical day at camp includes both indoor and outdoor science activities, outdoor games, and one super-fun rally! Destination Science works to get kids excited about science and build terrific life skills. The camp is geared to children ages 5 to 11 and works to get them curious about the world around them.

Why is science so good for kids growth?

"Science answers lots of questions for children," says Program Director Heena Desai. "Science is all around them and it teaches them curiosity on how things work."

Destination Science teaches kids to learn via the scientific method. They look at a question, answer it, collaborate, and problem solve. It challenges their assumptions by investigating and exploring.

Destination Science offers four programs: Robot Challengers and Reaction Racers Camp, Extreme Innovators and Science Makers Camp, Rocket Space Science Camp and Physics Coaster and Science Magic Camp.

In Robot Challengers and Reaction, Racers Camp kids Construct their own Volcanic Robot Crawler and Motocross Racer. Enter the world of volcanic eruptions and accept the challenge to excavate crystal minerals with your motorized Robot Lava Crawler. Engineer and operate a criss-cross Racer on your very own motocross track. Delve into electricity with light-up lego blocks, technic light spinners, bubble machines, drones and much more.

In Extreme Innovators and Science Makers Camp kids will make technical toys and train a robot puppy as they imagine, plan, create, and experiment your future toy-vention. Experiment and discover the technology behind touch, sound and motion sensors. Kids can take home a robot puppy that barks, eats, and sits at their command. "Not only will kids learn how sensors work – they will actually see it in action too!" says Heena.

Rocket Space Science Camp lets kids build and launch air/land rockets and discover an alien animal planet. Children uncover principles of flight as they make and take a super glider and build a new planetary Rover designed to investigate endangered animal-like aliens on a distant planet. "Children discover different aspects of space, and how tools like telescopes work," says Heena. "It's a combination of both rocketry and learning about different biomes."

Physics Coaster and Science Magic Camp have kids building a magnetic coaster and learning the science behind a magic show. Explore the fun side of physics while experimenting, designing and building your very own roller coaster. Next up, engineer games like mini golf, frog bowling, baseball science and more. Amaze your family and friends as you master the science behind disappearing magic tricks, mirrors, lights, chemical reactions, and eye-opening experiments.

How does Destination Science make science fun?

"We pull the kids in via a demo, and that gets them hooked," says Heena. "We have a storyline that weaves through the activities so they are discovering each day. They learn different aspects of science so everything pertains to their world."

And the best part? Campers get to take home their projects to show to mom and dad!

Destination Science brings science to life and works to inspire campers and get those "aha!" moments. Children build a love for education and they don't even realize they are learning because they are having so much fun!

Destination Science is at located at 953 North Elm St. in Orange. For more information log onto

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