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Cosmetic Creations Skin Sanctuary Med Spa

Do you want to feel beautiful? Then take your first step by visiting Cosmetic Creations Skin Sanctuary & Med Spa in Chatsworth. Owner Rebecca Rotter works hard to ensure all her clients have an amazing, personalized experience. The spa features many treatments, from facials, and massages, waxing, micro-blading, permanent make up, eyelash extensions, make up application and lessons, airbrush tanning, Procell Micro-channeling and more spiritually focused procedures like Reiki.

When Rebecca was in her 20's her face began to break out. A friend suggested she try an Esthetician. It worked! She opened Cosmetic Creations Skin Sanctuary in 1995. "The esthetician made such a difference in my life," she says. "I decided that I wanted to pay that forward and do that for other people. I love making people feel their best."

Daphneleah Schneider is the Spa's Body Listener and Reiki Master. She says that each woman that works at the Spa is confident, caring, and gives amazing service. "It's something beautiful to watch and it's inspiring," she says.

Cosmetic Creations is also a medical spa. This means they have a doctor and a nurse that perform treatments such as Botox, fillers, PDO thread lifts, which is like a mini lift, and laser treatments. All of which is done in-house under the care of a medical director. The doctor will evaluate the client and see what their personal needs are and then make suggestions according to what they want to accomplish.

What sets Cosmetic Creations apart?

"We personalize everything to the client's needs," says Rebecca. "And we are extremely caring with great customer rapport. It is very wonderful to have."

"The people that work here come from the heart," adds Daphneleah. "We always listen to what the client's needs are."

If you are fortunate to have a Reiki treatment with Daphneleah, you will immediately feel the difference. She takes the time to really listen and get to know your needs before giving you an assessment. Together, you  determine what you want and what your goals are. Daphneleah's focus is always on empowering YOU, the client, to listen to your own body and learn to follow intuitive instructions. In a wonderfully relaxing environment, she works to open/free your chakras, providing a truly beautiful experience. Once you are completely refreshed from the treatment, Daphneleah provides a personalized plan, call it love homework, to help you maintain your experience at home, and to continually guide you toward listening and understanding what your body needs.

Esthetician Tiffany Nix (or any of our well trained Estheticians) will give you an amazing facial that will completely refresh your skin. We will begin with a cleanse and scrub then a gentle peel to begin the exfoliation, The facial continues with a steam to soften and prepare your pores for extractions (if needed), followed by a relaxing face, neck, shoulder hand and arm massage, followed by the appropriate mask. Many add-ons are available such as Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic treatment infusing collagen serum with an LED light, or Oxygen treatments are available. Tiffany, or one of our other skilled team members will work with you to personalize your experience by asking you what kind of treatment you are searching for and then fulfilling it!

Whatever your cosmetic issue is, Cosmetic Creations will help solve it. "If someone has an acne problem we'll focus on the acne, if someone is all stressed out and they just need to be pampered and massaged, we will do that," says Rebecca. "If someone is having aging issues or fine lines or hyperpigmentation we'll offer them to do a peel, there's just so many different treatments available."

As well, the spa carries over to home. Your esthetician will educate you as to what would be the best possible scenario for your skin to get an amazing result. They carry products such as Bare Minerals, PCA, and even a cannabis-infused skincare line Tempus32 that has just been released.

The Personalized massage is a favorite, where the massage therapist comes in, discusses with you what you are looking for and creates a relaxing treatment. A popular facial is the Ultimate Experience in which the esthetician combines many factors of all the other facials together into a beautiful treatment that has everything – cleanse and scrub, gentle peel, microdermabrason steam, massage, oxygen – you name it – it does it, and it's all wonderful.

Cosmetic Creations Skin Sanctuary prides itself on providing the highest quality care. They are located at 9923 Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Chatsworth. To book an appointment call (818) 709-1422 or log onto

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