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Conscious Life Expo

The Conscious Life Expo returns in it’s 17th year in Los Angeles. This 4-day conference and exposition offers 200 exhibitors and over 150 lectures, workshops and special events based on metaphysical, health and spiritual concepts. There will be best-selling authors, musicians, transformational leaders, energy and light workers, influencers, life changers, inspirators and visionaries to explore science, UFOs, spirituality, creative consciousness and healthy lifestyles.

The primary goal of the Conscious Life Expo is to support a conscious community, based on new paradigms in science, spirituality, longevity, relationships, health and wellness.

Diana Maxwell is the Program Director of The Conscious Life Expo. She's been involved in curating and developing the event since 2011. “We find the right balance so that we can represent every aspect of consciousness, healing and transformation whether it's terrestrial or extraterrestrial, inside or outside, inner work, physical work, or the environment,” she says.

The Expo creates a safe and transformative environment. If you are curious about personal growth and development and want to gain knowledge you should definitely check out the Expo. “You get so much information,” says Diana. “As well, you are gaining tools to take home that you can then integrate in your life.”

Workshops include topics such as Extraterrestrials And The Origin of the Soul, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living, Medical Spiritual Healing, Near Death Experiences- Messages from the Other Side, The Synergy of Progressive Activism, Wings Up! Embodying Your Angelic Light plus more.

One of the keynote speakers this year is Jason Silva, who has over a million followers on YouTube. He will be talking about transforming humanity and what we are doing as we move forward to enhance the world and on the evolution of people and the planet.

Kelly Gallagher, an award winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Jammin' Planet Productions and will also be a featured speaker at the event. As a 5-time cancer survivor, Kelly, is powering through life with her 6th pacemaker, having had 100 blood transfusions, two bone marrow transplants, plus two aortic valve replacements. She believes in the healing powers of clean food, positive thoughts and eliminating toxins. Kelly is also the creator and producer of the Doctors Who Rock, which is committed to transforming the medical world into one that cares about patients as people. She will be sharing her personal experiences in the Near Death Experience program.

“The Expo is one of my most favorite events of the year,” Kelly says. “It's where all kinds of incredible, spiritual, galactic, life-changing people come to share what they know, trade their wares and tell their stories.”

Another speaker this year is Sifu Matthew. Sifu is a world-renowned healer, athletic performance expert, and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness ( He is known for his ability to rapidly regenerate body tissues, ligaments, and bones using the electromagnetism of his own body. He has healed chronic conditions like Morton's Neuroma, arthritis, and even restored motion in stroke victims, sometimes in just minutes. Sifu’s clients include professional NBA athletes such as D'Aaron Fox from the Sacramento Kings, Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, doctors and high-powered CEOs. And his treatments are fast!

The message Sifu plans to get across at the Expo is about using precise science to heal your body. “I will be speaking on the topic of how to use the earth's electromagnetic field,” he says. “Specifically how to use advanced grounding to heal the body and to reset the system. I'll also be talking about how the body can regenerate itself.”

Come out to the Expo and change your life! It takes place Feb. 22 - 25, 2019 at The Los Angeles Airport Hilton, 5711 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles. For tickets call (800) 367-5777 or log onto

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