• Pamela Froman

Circus Vargas

Circus Vargas is in town! This amazing show will let your imagination run wild. After all, it was based on the imagination of Mr. V!

The story in the performance revolves around Mr. V's Big Top Dream, paying tribute to the founder of Circus Vargas – Clifford E. Vargas. As the lights come down we are introduced to Mr. V as a young boy. He is exposed to the circus and it became his vision. We are carried along his path to creating circus magic!

A performance artist who manipulates metal hoops is the first performance in the show. She expertly swings the hoops over her arms, legs, and waist! It is thrilling to see her acrobatic exploits.

Next, a contortionist balances her body on metal spikes as she does a perfect handstand. She then uses her legs to pop a balloon with a bow and arrow! Talk about flexibility!

Between acts, the Circus Vargas clowns have extreme antics. One lady clown has balloons in her "assets" which are eventually popped! Oops! Another clown juggles balls to the delight of the crowd. Still another clown lip syncs to the audience as he chases after a spotlight. Another attempts to roller skate. Throughout all of this merriment, the performers truly interact with the audience.

The whole show is very interactive, with lots of immersion between the performers and the crowd in the stands.

The next act is cops and robbers that perform trampoline acrobatics up and down the sides of a "bank" building. The somersault and tumble as they make the way up and over the walls!

A roller-skating act creates danger and drama. The two performers seem to fly through the air with precision and death-defying acrobatics as they spin around and around.

Throughout the show, Mr. V sings about his circus as all the performers dance and groove along the stage. We are drawn into his vision as we become a part of the show!

Some more amazing performers take over the stage. The Flying Trapeze artists create a sense of exhilaration as they do somersaults and fly through the air. A blindfolded aerialist who is suspended on the ceiling does some amazing tricks and then another aerialist is suspended from a metal structure and hangs in mid-air!

Then performers fly in the air and jump off a board and onto three other performers' shoulders as they stand stacked together. Such amazing talent!

Then there are the motorcycle tricks in a metal globe. Four bikers race around with no lights on as they go past each other at amazing speeds. It is thrilling – and dangerous!

Finally, all the performers come on stage for the last hurrah! Circus Vargas truly brings the dream of Mr. V to life!

The crowd can meet and mingle with the entire cast after each performance. Capture the fun by posing for pics or selfies with your favorite cast members, all part of an unforgettable Circus Vargas experience!

Circus Vargas is very excited to have their world premiere coming here to Los Angeles because it was Mr. V's hometown. Circus Vargas performance dates run through February 9 at 777 N. Front St. in Burbank.

Follow Circus Vargas on Facebook and Twitter for updates, discounts and behind the scenes video. To purchase tickets call 877-GOTFUN-1 (877-468-3861) or visit the box office. For more information log onto

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