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Burke Williams Day Spa in Woodland Hills

Burke Williams Day Spa in Woodland Hills invites you to come relax and treat yourself.

“We are proud to offer a full spa experience, with amenities like steam rooms, whirlpools, showers and fully appointed vanity areas,” says Diane Kim, Vice President of Burke Williams and General Manager for the Woodland Hills location. “All you need to do is come and we provide the rest.”

There are Massage, Facials and Nail Care:

The Pure Relaxation Massage is the most popular treatment. This personalized massage restores calm to the mind and body, while promoting deep relaxation.

“Many of our specialty services are gaining popularity. The Deep Tissue Swedish Combination Massage with hot stone enhancement has proven to be focused and soothing,” says Diane.”It serves as a great balance for people who need extra attention in certain areas where they want deeper layers of focus but really want to relax at the same time.”

The Radiance Facial is becoming the top skin care treatment, where not only does Burke Williams utilize some of the most potent skincare products around, they also incorporate microcurrent technology where you can actually feel the end results. It's almost like a mini face lift!

“The Radiance Facial it's relaxing but it's very results driven,” says Diane. “Your skin will be glowing and you'll walk out refreshed.”

It's been scientifically proven that baths add overall health benefits. Burke-Williams takes it a step further with the microsilk bath. Billions of oxygenated rich microbubbles saturate the water raising oxygen levels by about 70 percent. These micro bubbles reach gently into the pores and increase the skin's metabolism improving skin cell growth, the reduction of lines, wrinkles and scar formation. It's like a facial for your body.

The Woodland Hills location of Burke Williams also offers The Custom Blend Bar. You start with a brief consult at the Bar, that leads you to an app where you are asked a series of questions. Once your specific blend is determined the app creates a customized mix of those ingredients for you right on the spot so you can further enhance your treatment. There is a massage oil, a massage lotion, a scrub, a mask gel and a hand and body butter. And you will have a different aromatherapy experience every time you come in, because there are also over 11,000 possible combinations.

Make a day of it with a Transformative Journey, which is designed for an individual to fully relax and get pampered from head to toe. There are four Journeys to choose from and all include a body treatment, a skin care treatment and hand and foot care. It's your chance to really escape. Take a whole day, come in early, shower, use the steam sauna and the whirlpool before you begin your journey and then let Burke Williams take care of the rest. Set out at least 6 to 8 hours to really focus on yourself.

Enjoy the benefits of massage, facials, and spa treatments every month with Membership Packages. The Essential is $95 a month, and you’ll enjoy one 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage or Spa Style Facial per month. Deluxe is $135 a month, and you’ll enjoy one 80-minute Pure Relaxation Massage or Spa Style Facial per month. Beyond is $165 a month, and gives you all the benefits of the Essential Membership, as well as access to the spa where you purchased your membership any time you want to visit, Sunday through Friday. All Membership Packages include special pricing.

To celebrate National Relaxation Day on August 15, the European-inspired spa will celebrate all month long with special offers including:

Gift Card Special – For a limited time, purchase a Gift Card and receive a complimentary Gift Card from Burke Williams.

Spend $150 and get $25; Spend $250 and get $50.

Unwind with Aromatherapy – Save 20 percent on the high-quality Aromatherapy massage enhancement by Body Bliss.

Southern California – 50-minutes: $120 (regular $150); 80-minutes: $160 (regular $200);

Deep Tissue Upgrade 50-minutes: $25, 80-minutes: $35 Save on Radiance Facial – 80-minutes: $165 (regular $195)

Visit Burke Williams and let the pampering begin!

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