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Looking for a marijuana dispensary with an elegant touch? Atrium holds cannabis retail to a higher standard.

Atrium opened their doors in November of 2018 with a vision. The retail space offers a stunning and convenient location with big, beautiful windows with a large expanse of natural light. It was the perfect place for something special.

Atrium strives to deliver an experience, not simply a transaction. People of all ages and all levels of familiarity with cannabis come to this elegant spot. While of course there are regulars that come in several times per week, there are also lots of people that visit who have never been to a dispensary before. By creating a retail experience which is familiar and comfortable – Atrium is bringing cannabis into the mainstream.

As a retailer of cannabis and cannabis-derived products, Atrium provides the finest selection of cannabis products in the Los Angeles area. This includes every type of product including cannabis flower, vaporizer cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles, sublinguals, lotions, bath bombs, topicals, tinctures and a wide-array of CBD-only products.

Atrium's motto is to create an "elevated cannabis experience." They sell both medical and recreational marijuana.

"We want to elevate the way people explore and interact with cannabis," says Chief

Operating Officer, Chris Berman. "People of all ages and all levels of familiarity with cannabis come to Atrium. The diversity in all of our customers and the open-armed culture that our store has created is one of the most rewarding aspects of cannabis."

Atrium offers knowledgable salespeople, that carry the monikers of "budtenders." These budtenders are educated connoisseurs when it comes to cannabis, similar to a sommelier for wine. Every customer has a personal budtender walking them through the store and answering any questions they may have.

"This one on one experience provides the comfort to our customers who may have never experienced a dispensary before," says Marketing Manager, Melinda Gonzalez. "Our staff are very passionate about cannabis. Once a month, we hold an internal staff meeting where we discuss new products and essential company goals. Additionally, whenever we receive a new product, all staff receives an in-depth informative pamphlet and training from every single brand. These trainings happen 4 to 5 times a month."

So what does a typical customer buy? Atrium offers over 100 unique brands and over 1000 individual products, and every customer leaves with something different. Atrium also regularly hosts "Customer Appreciation Days." This is typically an in-store promotion for customers. Whether it's a BOGO deal or a % OFF of top products, you are guaranteed a deal every day. These promotions can be found at

"It just feels special when you walk into Atrium. You feel like you are at a high-end department store, but it doesn't feel intimidating," says Chris. "The knowledge of our sales associates, the personal service of our "cannabis concierge" model, the curated collection of only the best cannabis brands - all of it is designed to ensure that every customer, from our hardcore concentrate lovers to canna-curious newbies, can find the product that is right for them."

Atrium believes in creating an opulent experience with cannabis, but don't let that fool you. Prices are competitive with the rest of the legal stores in the area.

"We believed in an opportunity to change the industry. For all the customers who have been curious about cannabis but feel intimidated by the process of walking into a store, please give us a try," says Chris. "There is a lot more to cannabis than what you may have experienced in the past and we're still only scratching the surface of what this plant can do."

April 20 is informally known as Weed Day and Atrium will be featuring many specials and deals in the store to celebrate. Doors will open at 8am and close at 10pm. Atrium has partnered with top brands and will have brand ambassadors in the store throughout the entire day. They will be providing educational information regarding their products, and answering any questions customers may have. April 20 will also feature the best deals of the year with promotional items and favorite products at an amazing price. 

Atrium is located at 5441 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills.

Phone: (818) 810-7379


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