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Annie Reiner – A Powerhouse Performer

Dr. Annie Reiner is a woman of many colors and many talents. An accomplished psychoanalyst, she works to help people peer into their deepest selves. But there are many layers to Annie as well. She is a creative force of nature – a writer, poet, playwright, and singer.

Ms. Reiner comes from a famous and imaginative family – her father is comedy legend Carl Reiner and her mother Estelle Reiner was a talented painter, domestic engineer, and jazz singer.

Annie loves to perform an eclectic mixture of songs. She will sing everything from old blues, jazz, standards, rock 'n' roll, pop songs, and even a little Leonard Cohen. She truly enjoys songs that pique the interest. "I love quirky songs," she says. "Performing Leonard Cohen helps me get grounded and give something interesting to people."

She came to musical expression about 10 years ago through her appreciation of poetry. She had written a book of poems and began taking singing lessons as a way to train her voice and prepare for readings. She fell in love instantly.

However, despite her affection for singing, she never thought to take it to the stage. But one night her mother was sick and unable to perform for a gig she had lined up. Annie's father suggested that she fill in and perform instead.

Since that fateful beginning, Annie has continued with her love of music for over ten years. But she is more than just a vocalist. At her performances, her father has introduced her as "The World's Greatest Singing Psychoanalyst!"

As an accomplished playwright, and painter, Annie has written four books of poems, a book of short stories, and four children's books, which she also illustrated. She also maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills, California. She's had two plays produced live. Mirage A Trois here in Los Angeles, and The Family Gold in Chicago. She's got more plays coming down the pipeline so stay tuned.

People always ask her how she can be a poet, singer and a psychoanalyst, but she believes that everything she loves to do deals with the creative part of oneself – the unconscious mind. She became a psychoanalyst because she was always interested in people and would help even at a young age. "My father used to say that I had perfect pitch when it came to feelings," she says. "I was kind of a natural. People need a mirror for their inner life."

Annie also has a CD out called Blues & Other Hues so be sure to check it out on Amazon. She will be performing an original song "White Folk's Blues" at Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood on November 7. She's a busy gal but is completely in tune with all that she does. "I like to do a lot of different things," she says. "And I think they are related so to me it feels like they are part of one whole."

For more information about Annie and the November 7th show at Catalina Jazz Club log onto or

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