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Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care

Urgent care is the cornerstone of family health within our local community. With it you see a qualified provider the same day– whatever your non life-threatening acute ailment may be. Since 2010 Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care has fulfilled imperative healthcare needs. They offer five locations: Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, North Hollywood, Moorpark and West Hills. Having received positive response from local families and businesses the practices continue to thrive and expand, offering decreased wait times, accessible providers with clean waiting rooms and exam rooms. It's the small town approach to up and coming medicine and treatments that is the key to their successful clinics. They are also affordable, with a cash rate for the uninsured starting at only $85 . However, in most cases insurance companies do cover their patients' urgent care treatment.

Dr. Michael Howell MD and Dr. Julina Howell MD are the founders of these individualized practices. Dr. Michael Howell is a Board Certified Physician, who finished his Louisiana State University affiliated Family Medicine residency in Baton Rouge LA during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, providing emergency services as needed. Dr. Julina Howell is also a Board Certified Physician, who completed her residency in Family Medicine at USC affiliated Kaiser Permanente in Riverside. She has worked in high volume urgent cares and as a hospitalist, treating acutely ill, hospitalized patients, in a tertiary hospital.

“Becoming a doctor was a natural progression for me,” explains Michael. “ I was a nursing assistant in high school, then I worked as an EMT during college. I also taught high school biology in Michigan, was a blood-gas analyst at Northwestern University Hosipital in Chicago, and high risk child counselor before starting medical school.”

“For me, I woke up one morning and thought 'I want to become a physician,'” says Julina. “It is what I am meant to do in life.”

Having both worked for large medical corporations, the Howells saw the demand in the community for personalized care, and they set out to cater to that need. They did so by renovating an existing urgent care facility in Westlake Village and making it their own. Patients in the community responded with praise, and the practice took off and expanded. Reputable urgent care had come to the valley.

Why urgent care?

“There are a lots of different reasons to go to an urgent care facility,” says Julina. “With many family practices, when you need to see your primary doctor a lot of them are booked in advance so you can't get in. With our offices, if you need us, you just walk in.”

“As both physicians and owners We're involved everyday in all aspects of care to ensure every patient is satisfied,” adds Michael. “Healthcare starts when you walk in the door.”

"Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care is different from other facilities in that we really listen to our patients, and attempt to heal them in the most positive way possible. We believe in a personal touch within our healthcare system. We are also open seven days a week, with extended and convenient hours that fit your schedule."

Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care strives to get you in and out of the office as easily and as quickly as possible, while still providing top-tier medical care.

Another positive aspect that sets them apart is that they offer a wide range of services that you would normally find at an emergency room or hospital. These services include: rapid strep, mono, flu, RSV testing, laceration repairs, IV fluids and antibiotics, on-site blood-work with results available within minutes, on-site x-ray, gynecological exams, preventative care, and an in-house pharmacy. “We are a one-stop-shop for treatment,” explains Michael. “Patients don't feel rushed, and they like our doctor/patient relationship. With its instant access to high level healthcare without the ER price tag, I see urgent care as the evolution of primary care.”

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