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805 Writer's Conference

Are you an aspiring writer? Have you finished your first novel and are unsure of what your next step should be? Attending the 805 Writer's Conference is the perfect way to get started!

Kathleen Kaiser, President of the Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network has been at the helm of this publishing conference along with legendary editor Shelly Lowenkop for the last eight years. Kathleen is dedicated to the craft of writing and is an accomplished author herself.

As a marketing consultant for book writers, Kathleen typically represents memoir or non-fiction. She allows her clients to gain exposure like radio interviews, putting together media kits, and sending advance copies out to reviewers. “We've got around 330 Amazon reviewers and we promote books,” says Kathleen. “I try to schedule them interviews, send out press releases, and set up book signings.”

So, what is the 805 Writer's Conference all about? It focuses on the craft of writing and the business of writing. You will learn how to determine your story arc, creating dynamic fiction, how to make your characters live and breathe, and working with an editor. You will also learn how to pitch your story to an agent, promote yourself on social media, the truth about self-publishing, and gaining more sales.

There are some exciting workshops on display at the Expo. Essentials of Character is a full-day course with Literary Agent Toni Lopopolo. The course helps you learn how to create and design characters for fiction, and how to “show” your characters in nonfiction. The Art of the Short Story offers up renowned short story author Shelly Lowenkopf. He will offer attendees what should be required reading for short fiction writers, how to identify individual narrative voice, and the essential difference between narrative voice and point of view. Websites for Authors with web designer Adanna Moriarty is where you can learn how to design a website for yourself or listen, learn, and ask questions of what is required for a successful website. Mandy Jackson-Beverly, a best-selling and award-winning author will share how to use Facebook and Instagram to connect with readers. As well, you will learn how to launch or reboot your book with author, publicist, and marketer Carolyn Howard-Johnson the multi-award-winning author of the “HowToDoItFrugally” series of books for writers.

There are also panels called Literary Agents Who Are Looking for New Clients and Books to Screen. There will be movie producers in attendance who are looking for books to sell to Netflix, Amazon and HBO as well as literary agents who are hunting for books that they can take to the screen. “That's a hot market right now,” says Kathleen. “All this streaming content is desperate to get books.”

Kathleen offers this advice to new writers. Have patience. New authors often make the mistake of spending two to three years writing a book and then rushing to get it out. “They don't get it edited properly, they don't have a website up, they don't do anything with social media, they stick it up on Amazon,” says Kathleen. “Then they wonder why no one is buying the book – and it's because they haven't done anything to promote it.

“Think of writing a book as a circle. Thirty five percent of a cycle of a book is writing, fifteen percent is editing and production, and fifty percent is marketing.”

Who should attend the conference? If you are thinking about writing a novel and want to learn about what is required to do it this is the conference for you. As well, the conference is a good idea to attend if you have finished a novel and want to know what next steps are to take. Self-publishing may not be the right route for you. You should exhaust all your options and try to land a deal with a literary agent if it's at all possible. “Try to get it published by a major house because you are never going to be in bookstores otherwise,” Kathleen says. “You're only going to be on Amazon and there's a huge difference – people need to be able to find your book.”

Get excited for this amazing conference, which will take place November 2 and 3, 2019 at The Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard Shores. For more information visit 850WritersConference.comMMandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard Shores. For more information log onto

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