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7th Annual 805 Writer Conference

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Perhaps you are enamored by the process of the written word? Or maybe you already have published books and you want to expand and grow your marketing efforts to sell more books? Then the 7th Annual 805 Writer Conference is for you!

The 805 Writer Conference got its start when producer, and prolific author Kathleen Kaiser – who had previously created the Ventura Book & Author Fair – decided along with her good friend, legendary west coast editor Shelly Lowenkopf, to create a conference for and about the art – and business – of writing. The conference would focus on the tools and skills writers need to write, and then market their books.

Kathleen has a strong writing background, first as a teenage music journalist, a publicist, and a record executive. She's written four books about rock and roll along with countless articles in America, Japan, UK and Italy.

“If you are a new writer, there will be lots of information about what the road ahead is like, and what you need.” says Kathleen. “These are things like getting a real editor – not a proofreader or English teacher – and what to expect and need to do once your book is published.”

Attending the conference is the best way to learn the craft of the written word. Various expert speakers will teach new ideas and information to spur you along in your journey. There will be focused information from each speaker with tools and skills you can take home and begin using the next day. Speakers include bestselling author Alex Carroll, one of the world’s leading experts on radio and podcast publicity; Craig Anderson, who has produced over fifteen books to screen projects; Angela Bole, chief executive officer of the Independent Book Publishers Association; Tristine Rainer, an expert in memoir writing, and many many more.

“My favorites include Alex Carroll – a million-dollar selling author, Zhena Muzyka, publisher of Enliven Books, Tristine Rainer, one of the foremost memoir experts, and Alexandra Sokoloff a screenwriter turned mystery writer.” says Kathleen. “Penny Sansevieri is doing a session on 'help, my books aren't selling' and how to ignite a fire with readers so they buy your books. She is a triple threat: bestselling author, book marketer for top authors, and she knows the most about the ins and outs of Amazon.”

Writing is not just words on a page, or even getting your work published. Truthfully that's just the beginning. Writing as a successful published author is really 35% writing, 15% production and 50% marketing. If you are already published, the conference will also feature lots of tips and tools for getting more book sales, working with the media, funneling sales through your platform and more. Keep up on the latest trends, such as creating ebook promotions that bring your book to thousands of readers. You will need to spend 2 to 3 hours a day marketing. And of course there's the fun part – bringing characters to life!

What is the biggest tip for new writers? Don't be impatient. And write what you know.

“Write about something you are passionate about and are willing to spend time researching. Your third or fourth draft will probably be just the beginning,” says Kathleen. “Go to writing conferences, join writing groups and get feedback. Writing is a solitary calling. But you need input to figure out the new world of publishing that has exploded over the last 15 years. You can't do this alone.”

The 7th Annual 805 Writer Conference takes place May 19 and 20th at the Thousand Oak Grant R. Brimhall Library, 1401 E Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks. Tickets available for the whole weekend, one day or just one session. To register visit For more information log onto

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